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Q: How many people can you feed with a 7.45 pork loin roast?
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How many pounds of pork loin to feed 60 people?

how many pounds of pork tenderloin will feed 60 people

How many people will a 6 pound sirloin roast feed?

twelve people

How many people will a 10 pound rib roast feed?

Approximately 35 people

How many pounds of pork loin will feed sixty people?

If it is boneless, approximately 15 pounds.

How many minutes per pound do you cook a roast pork?

How long does it take to cook a 2lb. Pork loin roast

How many people will 4 pounds of shredded pork roast feed?

8 to 10

How many people will a 12 pound boneless prime rib roast feed?


How many pounds of rib-eye roast needed to serve l50 people?

i have to feed 50 people how many pounds

How many pounds of rump roast do you need to feed 50 people?

You need about 12.5 pounds cooked.

Approximately How many people will a full size pork loin feed?

Just one pork loin if roasted gently may feed about 10/12. Don't forget a pig has two loins. It is best to let it rest before slicing.

How many pounds of roast to feed 200?

Approximately 50 pounds to feed 200

How many people will one roast chicken feed?

The size of chickens vary, as do the appetites of people. It would depend on these two factors.

How many pounds of pork loin to feed 30 people?

15 -17 pounds. Sounds like someone is going to have an awesome party!

How many people will one hog feed at a roast?

well in average hose about 4 but if you have a big family then around 6

How many pounds of roast beef will you need to feed 75 people?

Approx. 45 lbs for 75 normal persons.

How many people will a 9 pound pork loin feed?

Pork shrinks a lot due to fat content, but the loin has lesser fat . I figure 4-5 ozs. per person, so that would feed approximately 25 persons allowing for shrinkage while cooking

How many people will a 9.5 lb pork roast feed?

Allowing a quarter-pound serving of meat per person, that's about 38 people.

How many pounds pork roast for 50 people?

Allow about a half pound per person. That means you would need about 25 pounds to feed 50 people.

How many hours to cook a 5 pound roast pork-loin?

allow 20mins per pound so 20x5=100mins or 1hr40mins approx.

How many people will a 2 lb roast feed?

you're looking at 1 to 1.5 lbs per person. assuming you have sides j

How many people will a 2 kg pork loin serve?

A 2 kilo pork loin (raw weight) will serve about 5 to 6 people depending on the portion sive.

How many people will a 7 pound pork loin serve?


What is the name of half eagle and half loin?

many people say griffin

How many ribs of a standing rib roast are needed to feed 8 adults?

id say about 48 ;)

How many pounds of pork loin do you need for 20 people?

Allow 8oz raw weight per person, so for 20 people 10lbs of raw pork loin should be ample.