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Mother Teresa did not work in Iceland.

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Why did Mother Teresa want to help people?

Mother Teresa wanted to help people because it is said that she was born with others in her soul. She was called by God to help the hungry, poor, and sick and she helped countless numbers of people in her lifetime.

What kind of people did Mother Teresa help?

poor, homeless and dying people...

Was Mother Teresa helpful to other people?

Mother Teresa was a loving caring women as she gave the poor charity and help and gave them food.

Who influenced Mother Teresa to help people?

Mother Teresa was influenced by Jesus! She also was influenced a great deal by Saint Francis of Assisi.

How many people did Mother Teresa help?

it was at least in the thousands, but i doubt the nuns with mother teresa did not even take track of it.

Did Mother Teresa help with first aid?

Mother Teresa not only helped with first aid, she was frequently the only aid many of the people received.

Why did Mother Teresa want to leave the convent?

Mother Teresa wanted to help the poorest of the poor.

What were Mother Teresa goal's?

Mother Teresa's goal is to help people all around. She did stuff that other people didn't want to do.

Why do people want Mother Teresa to become a saint?

mother Teresa was a good person who loved god a lot. we should all follow in her footsteps and help the poor.

Why is Mother Teresa courageous?

Mother Teresa was courageous because she worked in India with the sick and the very poor, the poorest people that no one else sought to help. Mother Teresa worked tirelessly for these people raising funds, training workers, and giving her personal attention to her patients.

How long did Mother Teresa help people?

She worked with the poor for over 40 years.

How did Mother Teresa help people?

Mother Teresa showed compassion for those who were less fortunate than she was. She gave them food, lifted their spirits, and helped them survive. She is and was considered a hero to many people.

How did Mother Teresa help around churches?

Mother Teresa did not work in churches. She worked in the slums and gutters of Calcutta.

How can you uplift the deteriorating condition of Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa died in 1997 so she is beyond help at this time.

What people did Mother Teresa help?

She helped people in South Africa, India, and Asia, most of the Middle East.

Why did Mother Teresa only help children?

She helped people of all ages, not just children.

Did Mother Teresa live in the slums?

Yes, so she could be close to the people she was trying to help.

Which religion is Mother Teresa associated in?

Mother Teresa was a Catholic her entire life. However, she worked with people of all faiths and never refused her help to anyone who held different beliefs.

What did Mother Teresa do to help the world?

Mother Teresa helped the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying children and people. she opened up orphanages all around the world and did most of her work in Calcutta helping people in the slums.

Why was Mother Teresa a hero?

Mother Teresa is a hero because of the dedication she put in to her work to help the poorest of the poor in India.

Was Mother Teresa following only one religion?

Mother Teresa was a Catholic only but worked to help Hindus and Muslims.

Why did Mother Teresa move out of Loreto?

After years of teaching, Mother Teresa felt she had a greater calling to help the poorest of the poor.

Why did Mother Teresa help those in Calcutta?

She knew this is what God and jesus would od to help the people and decided to follow in their footsteps

How did Mother Teresa become a hero?

Mother Teresa became a hero because she was always their to help people such as the poor.Roman Catholic AnswerMother Teresa was a hero as she never did anything outside of the Love of God. Caring nothing for herself, she worked tirelessly for the sick and dying all over the world.

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