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At least 48,000 people died in the seven days battles

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Q: How many people died during the seven days battles?
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When did Seven Days Battles happen?

Seven Days Battles happened on 1862-07-01.

Who won Seven Days Battles?

The Confederacy, commanded by General Robert E. Lee, won the Seven Days' Battles.

When did the Seven Days Battles begin?

The Seven Days Battles lasted from June 25 through July 1, 1862 .

Who was the southern commander during the secen days war?

Do you mean the Seven Days Battles at the end of the Peninsula campaign? Robert E. Lee

What battles did the union lose during the civil war?

Bull Run (1st & 2nd) The Seven Days Battles Fredericksburg Chancellorsville Chickamauga The Wilderness Coldharbour

What year did the seven days battles occur?


Who kept the Union's General McClellan from taking the Confederate capital?

Gen. Robert E. Lee-During the Seven Days Battles

What two men were in charge during the seven days' battles?

George McClellan (Union), Robert E. Lee (Confederates).

When was the seven day battle?

The battles referred to as the Seven Days were fought during Union General George McClellans Peninsula Campaign, and began June 25, 1862 and ended July 1. There would be six separate battles.

What battle did George mcClellan fight for during the Civil War?

George McClellan fought following battles during the Civil War : Philippi; Rich Mountain; Cheat Mountain; The Peninsular Campaign, whose most important battles were: The Seven Pines and the Seven Days; Antietam.

What battles was stone wall Jackson win?

The Valley Campaign, Chancellorsville, Fredricksburg, Seven Days Battles.

What was the series of attacks on McClellans forces in Virginia?

The Seven Days Battles.

What battles did the south win during the civil war?

Manassas/Bull Run (1st & 2nd) The Seven Days Battles (Peninsula campaign, Virginia) Fredericksburg Chancellorsville Chickamauga The Wilderness Spotsylvania Coldharbour

Who was the leader of the Seven Days' Battle?

The Seven Days Battles took place during American Civil War. George B. McClellan led the Union troops, and Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate troops.

Which battles were won by the south?

Both Battles of Bull Run, Kenesaw Mountain, Chicamauga, Seven Days, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville…

Who commanded the souths army for the seven days battles?

Robbert E .Lee

When was the date of Seven Days Battles?

June 25 - July 1, 1862

What battles were won by General James Longstreet?

Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, and Chickamauga, in both offensive and defensive roles. He also performed strongly during the Seven Days Battles, the Battle of Antietam as far as I know.

Where did General Lee attack the Union to try to stop pressure on the capital?

Several Battles were fought. They are Known as the seven days battles.

What was the number of battles in the peninsula campaign under George B McClellan?

The Seven Days Battles was the number of battles in the Peninsula campaign under George B McClellan.

What were the greatest battles in the medieval days?

Salamis during the Peloponnese Wars.

When did the seven days battles take place?

The Seven Days Battles were fought as a part of Major General George McClellan's Peninsula Campaign and were fought between June 25 and July 1, 1862. These battles were Robert E. Lees first as the commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

I commanded a confederate cavalry unit that gathered information on the union troops used by Robert e lee during the seven days' battles my name is?


What were the major victories for the Confederate Army during the civil war?

1st Bull Run Seven Days Battles Second Bull Run Fredericksburg Chancellorsville Chickamauga

Who was the winning general in the seven days' battles?

Robert E. Lee was the victor