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over 15 million died and 21 million wounded
The total death toll was about 16 million. 21 million were wounded.

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Q: How many people died in WW1?
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How many british people died in ww1?

16,0000 british people died in ww1

How many people from England died in ww1?

There were about 1,012,000 people form the UK that died in WW1.

In ww1 how many people died?


How many people died from rifles in WW1?


How many people died in ww1 World War 2?

ww1 was about 11,016,000. ww2 was about 59,028,000

How many people died in World War I who were from Germany?

1,808,000 German people died in WW1

How many people died in WW1 from machine guns?


How many German people died in ww1?

About 6 million

How many people died in ww1 from 1914-1915?

45,495,939 people died and 1,663,435 wounded

How many people died going over the top in ww1?

17283674685.77 (:

How many newfoundlanders died in ww1?

it was 10,000 newfoundlanders who died in ww1

How many died in ww1 and World War 2?

from Australia 102256 people

How many numbers of American died at the World War 1?

over 500 people died in ww1

How many German soldiers died in ww1?

2,050,897 German soldiers died in ww1

How did World War 1 affect Arkansas?

How many people died in arkansa in ww1

How many people died from barbed wire in ww1?

about 1/5 of all the men involved in ww1 who died was killed by berbed wire(not being able to cross and get shot)

How many Scots died in World War 1 and World War 2?

74,000 Scotish people died in WW1 and about 53,000 Scotish people died in WW2.

How many people died in world war 1 and in world war 2 altogether?

WW1: About 37 million people died.WW2:About 60 million people died.= 97,000,000

How many soldiers died of sickness in World War 1?

a large number of people died of sickness in WW1, there is no exact answer to this question

Where do ghost stories originate from?

WW1 when a lot of people died they started to see people that died

How many people total died in ww1?

About 15 million dead, 20 milion more wounded.

How many Russians died in ww1?


How many died during WW1?


How many bulgarian soilders died in WW1?

In total, 187,5000 Bulgarian soldiers died as a result of ww1. That is about 3.41% of the total population. :)

How many allies died in ww1?

a bit over 1,226,597 people were thought to be injured or killed in the allied forces