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Q: How many people died in gloucestershire?
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How many people died in gloucestershire flood?

Nobody died in the flood as there was much help involved

How many homeless people are there in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire?


Where did Cathrine parr die?

She died on on 5 September 1548, at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire...

How many miles is it from Hull to Gloucestershire?

About 203 miles.

How many counties border gloucestershire?

Six counties border Gloucestershire with Gwent in Wales as a seventh

What is Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's motto?

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's motto is 'Gloucestershire rich in wildlife, valued by everyone'.

Does gloucestershire border berkshire?

Gloucestershire does not have a border with Berkshire

How many hours sunshine does gloucestershire get annually?

1600 hours

Is there a castle in Gloucestershire?

No, unfortunately there is no castle in Gloucestershire- but there is an enormous cathedral!

What is the area of Gloucestershire?

Gloucestershire covers 1,216 square miles.

When was Gloucestershire Echo created?

Gloucestershire Echo was created in 1873.

When was Gloucestershire Cup created?

Gloucestershire Cup was created in 1887.

When did Gloucestershire Cup end?

Gloucestershire Cup ended in 1996.

When was Gloucestershire Constabulary created?

Gloucestershire Constabulary was created in 1839.

When did Gloucestershire Regiment end?

Gloucestershire Regiment ended in 1994.

When was Gloucestershire Regiment created?

Gloucestershire Regiment was created in 1881.

When was Gloucestershire Warriors created?

Gloucestershire Warriors was created in 1997.

Where did Edward Jenner die?

Edward Jenner died in Gloucestershire

Is south gloucestershire a county?

No - whilst you could use South Gloucestershire as an area to describe the location of another place (e.g. '_____ is in/around South Gloucestershire'), it is not actually a separate county in itself - it's just Gloucestershire.

What is Gloucestershire Regiment's motto?

Gloucestershire Regiment's motto is 'By our deeds we are known'.

Who died in the little big horn?

Many people died during this war. Not so sure of who died but many many people died.

Where is gloucestershire?

gloucestershire is on the border of Wales and England and it is on the eastern bank of the river Severn! :)

When was Royal Gloucestershire Hussars created?

Royal Gloucestershire Hussars was created in 1795.

When was Heart Gloucestershire created?

Heart Gloucestershire was created on 1980-10-23.

When was North Gloucestershire League created?

North Gloucestershire League was created in 1907.