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Korean War DeathsAccording to some estimates: 33,741 Americans, but about 2,800,000 total casualties counting North Korea (military and civilian), South Korea, China and UN troops.

These numbers include military and civlian casualties and since so many sources have different numbers, these are the averages.

South Korea - 595,000

North Korea - 1,316,579

China - 500,000

United States - 33,000

United Kingdom - 1,078

Turkey - 717

Canada - 310

France - 290

Australia - 281

Greece - 170

Colombia - 140

Ethiopia - 120

Netherlands - 110

Thailand - 110

Belgium - 100

Philippines - 90

Total - 2,448,095 Actually... it is estimated that about 10 million people died during the Korean war. That's about the same amount of people killed during WW1

Seven million soldiers died

Three million civilians died

There are so many conflicting reports on the total of deaths in the Korean war. I just watched a documentary on the history channel that stated that

2.5 million North Korean soldiers and civilians

1.5 million South Korean soldiers and civilians

1 million Chinese soldiers and civilians

55 thousand American soldiers

500 Canadian soldiers

300 Australian soldiers

and a further 5000 UN soldiers from a number of different countries all lost their lives in the Korean war

The Korean War has never officially ended, there is a cease fire in effect. With recent events you would have to increase the number of KIA by the total of the sailors taken out by the N. Korean Sub.

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Q: How many people died in the Korean War all together?
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