How many people died in the Tunguska incident?

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According to a number of sources there were no direct human casualties hit by Debris, burns, blast wave, etc. There were millions of trees burned out and one would imagine heavy animal casualties, but no known direct human deaths. The impact occured in a relatively sparsely populated area in Siberia.
If forest wood was preserved in spite of the conditions described, then possibly any casualty remains would also be preserved, except that by the time Bolshevik expeditions reached the site nineteen years later they might have sunk though Siberian earth is hard but among the trees could be a bit softer.
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it is not known how many people died in Surtsey ? so if you know give me a ring Phone number is :702813

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4 people died including the little girl who played carol Anne she died before the end of the 3rd film that's why you don't see her face at the end.

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