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When the civil war of Sierra Leone ended, it was estimated that 50,000 people died from it.


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Sierra Leone is considered a genocide because it is a mass killing over an area of one type or race of people. Sierra Leone's genocide stemmed from the rebels' disagreement with the government. In the opening stages of the Sierra Leone civil war (1991-2002), the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), led by Foday Sankoh, raided villages of Sierra Leone. They killed people by burning homes with the villagers inside, by shooting them, or by stoning them. Some people were forced to kill along with them. They also cut limbs off of people, telling them, "Go to the President, tell him to give you new hands." As many as 50,000 people died in the war. A book detailing a personal account of a girl named Mariatu Kamara inside the genocide is "The Bite Of The Mango", by Mariatu Kamara with Susan McClelland.

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On a voyage to England in 1918, he died at sea and was buried in Sierra Leone. His remains were later returned to Australia

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The exact number of child soldiers that have died in Uganda is unknown. There are, however, over 20,000 child soldiers that are part of rebel movements in Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Out of the all the rebel factions, however, the R. U. F in Sierra Leone is mainly known for its child soldier divisions. These divisions have caused havoc in the country over the years, along with countless atrocities and deaths.

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44577 billiion people died during the civil war a lot hi cristal

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