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None. It's too good for the cops.

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Q: How many people get arrested for parkour each year?
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What percent of people actually know what Parkour is?

how many people participate in parkour worldwide? x

Why does people do parkour?

It's like you ask why people do sport.. Parkour is awesome in many eyes + helps you reach your destination faster :D

How many people do parkour in France?

well no one really knows

How many people have died while doing parkour?

There is no official statistic on the number of people who have died while doing parkour. Accidents can occur during parkour due to the high-risk nature of the activity, but the actual number of fatalities is not readily available.

How many people get arrested every year in NZ for graffiti?

Approximately 1,500 people are arrested in New Zealand each year for graffiti-related offenses.

How many people are arrested for prescription drug abuse each year in America?

over 1000

Where do people learn to free run?

There are many tutorials of free-running/parkour tricks/movements on youtube.

How many people get arrested in the UK a year?

in 2014, roughly 1,200,000 people were arrested nationwide.

Has any one died from parkour?

Yes, many people have died. About 50 people a year die from falling and various other reasons.

Is parkour and free running the same thing?

No. Parkour emphasizes efficiency of movement, and freerunning emphasizes freedom of movement. Otherwise, they are nearly identical and many people get the terms confused.

How many people die a year doing parkour?

There is no specific data available on the number of people who die each year specifically while doing parkour. Parkour injuries and fatalities are relatively rare compared to other physical activities, but like any sport, it carries inherent risks that can lead to accidents and serious injury. It is important for practitioners to be properly trained and exercise caution when engaging in parkour activities.

How many people arrested a year?

A million