Parkour, or freerunning, is the athletic activity of running in an urban area, including negotiating obstacles. The large jumps, rolls and change or heights make for an exciting challenge.

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Is parkour a sport?

Parkour is an Art, a Movement, a Discipline.. and after all that it is a sport

After you've been doing Parkour awhile it's no longer bodily training and conditioning, it's all mental


Can a girl of 16 years in Egypt learn parkour?

ANYONE can learn parkour!

Edit: This is a year (or more) late, but I hope it is still useful! there are many Parkour teams in Egypt such as 2DF (Alex.) Parkour Egypt (Cairo) EgyFlow (Cairo) and mothers.

Currently I'm in a new group, that is building its team before announcing itself! if you are interested to join contact this email ^_^ (you can start from scratch at any time)

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What are some good Parkour spots in Fort Wayne?

There some good walls around New Haven Middle School. Downtown would also be a good place to go. the thing about Fort Wayne is all the training spots are spread out. there's no one good place to train everything really.

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The Office

What episode was parkour on the office?


Season 6, Episode 1.


Why is parkour called parkour?

Parkour is a French word for method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. Parkour is also called Freerunnning. Parkour can be very easy if you set a goal to do it. All you have to do is set your mind to do it, find the right are, and go! Working out and building muscle is a key in freerunning. The first thing you should learn is the Dive Roll. Then the front handspring and/or the Kong Jump. OH! And learning how to hop a fence wuickly would be useful. Trust me... Im a freerunner myself.


What percent of people actually know what Parkour is?



How do i fix my parkour roll?

Ok first it would be helpful to know what your problem is to fix. A very common problem with shoulder rolling is breaking away from the habit of somersaulting straight forward along the spine. This causes damage to the spine from full contact against the hard ground. To avoid this you need to roll across your back from your shoulder to your apposite hip. The easiest way to avoid this is tucking/scooping the "rolling arm" (usually the dominant arm) under the opposite armpit while falling forward into the roll. Place the hand palm-up to the ground and roll along the back of the arm to the shoulder. Also keep your head tucked to your chest so it doesn't hit the ground. Don't try jumping off anything before the roll becomes second nature, and is close to perfection.

I'm posting a YouTube video that deals with the numerous problems people tend to struggle with when learning the roll (but I give credit to UrbanCurrent who actually created the video). Remember that each persons roll is slightly different, and its best to find a roll that works for you.


Who does parkour?

traceur (male)

traceuse (female)


How do you do the Superman parkour move?

its actually called a kong vault, where you dive over a obstacle, having both hands out pushing yopurself away from the obstacle while landing

urbanfreeflow have dedicated tutorials for learning specific parkour/free running moves.


What is the hardest move in parkour?

Jumping from wall to wall-no that's easy- the Arabian is one of the hardest

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Does Justin Bieber do parkour?



How many people participate in parkour?

how many people participate in parkour worldwide?


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What is 'Parkour'?

Parkour is the art of using solely your body to navigate from point A to B in the least time possible, which involves besides leaping, climbing and sprinting, various unusual and complex movements to overcome obstacles. It started off as part of French military training and has since evolved as a sport, founded by Sebastian Foucan and David Belle, to encompass a wide variety of techniques, philosophies and exercises.

There are several Parkour groups connecting online as well as on ground, and a quick Google search may yield some results for your area as well. Or you could look up some amazing demonstrations on Youtube.

Parkour enjoys the devotion of many die hard fans across the world and has been the source for much inspiration.

Parkour - Invincible Surge

A distinguished demonstration in the sport transcends to the level of sublime art. Witnessing a superlative performance can bring one to instantly realize, and marvel at, the immense capacity endowed by nature upon the human form to negotiate complex terrain with grace and feral speed, a capacity with limits set far ahead of where our sensibilities suggest. To watch a Parkour artist is to behold an uncommon purity of kinetic force capable of cutting through the most obviously impervious features and sections of everyday urban terrain...

Basically its free running

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What are some good free running and parkour spots in Atlanta?

The thing about parkour is that you use the enviorment around you normal an urban area. so really anywhere downtown you will be able to find a spot to do something.


Apa saja teknik parkour?

monkey vault


Were abouts in the world did parkour start?

it originated in France


Is there any parkour lessons in South Carolina?

In fact there are about to be some in Columbia. I'm heading them off with a local gym in Lexington! Don't know where you live but hope it's close!

Also there is one in Myrtle beach now at ultimate gymnastics over where the plex was it is now called the warehouse, and if you're in the upstate, there is a class in Greenville at Greenville Gymnastics Training Center.


When did parkour come to the US?

Parkour has always been around, in all countries, however, it did not have a name up until the term was invented (created). So, there is no real date as to when parkour came to the U.S.


Is parkour illegal?

Parkour is not illegal. However, there may be legal implications for freerunners (freerunning is a form of Parkour, an urban sport of acrobatics and dance, rather than running from place to place) if they practice their sport without permission on private property or are found to be loitering in a public place. It is also illegal (and unethical) to use Parkour to flee from police, but this is no different than evasion without Parkour.


Are there any parkour teachers in Louisiana?

Lake Charles Parkour has classes. The school is located inside Guzzy's Gymnastics so you have plenty of space and equipment to learn with. There is over 17,000 square feet of training area with two olympic size spring loaded floors. For more information search up: Lake Charles Martial Arts.


Give you a list of every parkour move and parkour technique?

well yes and no. first there is a small list of parkour moves that every tracuer (a practitioner of parkour) knows. kong vault,lazy vault,speed vault,dash vault,reverse vault,quadrapedal vaut, turn vault,kash vault, pop vault, thief vault, under bar, 360 under bar, wallrun, tick tack, dive roll, roll, side roll, cat grab... but parkour is not a set of moves, just because you do the moves doesn't mean our doing parkour. you are doing parkour when you "flow" a term used to define how we move between obstacles flow is o be like water and from that stems all of the techniques in parkour, once you realise this it becomes apparent that if you where to try an make a list of techniques you would never finish because people never stop making new movements.


Can a girl of 14 years of age learn parkour in Adelaide?

Yes, you can do it. We have regular training sessions on Wednesday night at 5:30. Bring a parent or guardian with you so they can understand what parkour is about. - make an account, come out to train with us, as you will learn how to do parkour quicker... along with learning a good warm up routine, etc.


Do you have to be fit to do free running?

Yes. Parkour and freerunning are athletic sports practiced in an urban setting. You need to be strong enough to do gymnastics.


What is a good parkour group name?



Where did free running originate?

In France. A man named Georges Hebert invented the sport and called it parkour. The term freerunning is a variation of parkour.


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