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depending on your weight you will burn more or less calories, but a male weighing about 150pounds should burn around 600-800 calories.

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Q: How many calories will 45 mins of parkour burn?
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How many calories burn in bowflex excersise?

how many calories do you burn a day exeriersing 30 mins a day with a bowflex.

How many calories does wrestling burn?

Up to 408 every 5 mins

How many calories burn a 60 minute dance mat?

112 calories burned per 60 mins

A woman 4o years of age and weighing 165lbs. How many calories will she burn swimming freestyle for 30 mins?

140 calories.

How many calories do you burn jumping on a trapoline?

If you were to jump as if it were a jump rope for atleast 30 mins you would lose approximately 350 calories.

How many calories can you burn playing 1 hour of badminton?

A person of 125-174 pounds: 43 calories burnt every 10 mins 175-250 pounds: 65 calories burnt every 10 mins 250+ pounds: 94 calories burnt every 10 mins.

How many minutes of exercise at what percent of heart rate reserve will burn more fat calories?

30 mins

How many calories do you burn when running 100 meters?

Im not 100% accurate but I'll say 10 calories.. I can assure you for every 5 mins you run non stop, you burn 44 calories.. That means you r running basiclly 11 mins a mile... N if u run as fast a 5 mins a mile u burn 94 calories... That means how fast you are running for a certain amount of time. Basiclly it all depends how fast you run n how long.

How many calories do you burn by playing tennis for 30 minutes?

It depends on whether you are playing singles or doubles and how intense the rally's are. An average amount of calorie burn for 30 min: singles would be about 275 doubles would be about 210

How many calories in 1500 steps?

OK. Im 22, 153lbs and can run a mile full on in 7:34mins, but lets say i do it in ten. My calculations and research showed that with my weight, height, and age, i would burn 106 calories every ten mins. 60 mins to an hour, roughly 600 calories an hour. I would have to run for 2 hours and 23 mins to burn 1500 calories. ouch.............

How many calories do you burn from squats?

I have been training heavily for a while, and would think logically that doing sqauts, wide squats and lunges for 15 mins would burn around 100 calories. I am able to do about 45 squats per minute, so that would mean you would have to do around 700 squats in order to burn 100 calories. Hope this helps.

How many calories do you burn with jillian michaels banish fat boost metabolism DVD?

for a 154 pound person, it burns 514 calories and hour. the DVD runs 57 mins, so lets just round that to an hour. the less you weigh the less you burn, and vice versa. (514 X your weight)/154= how many calories you burned.