Cole and Dylan Sprouse

How many people has Dylan Sprouse dated?

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How many Sprouse twins are there?

only 2 twins Dylan & cole sprouse

Is Dylan Sprouse fatter than Cole Sprouse?

No,however, many people think this because Dylan has a slightly bigger build than cole that's all. yeah and hes NOT fat !

How many dogs does Dylan and Cole Sprouse have?

Dylan and cole have 2 dogs and i love dylan<3333333333333333

How many Dylan Sprouse girlfriend?

4 and a half girlfriends.

How many girlfriends has Dylan Sprouse had?

Dylan Sprouse is best known for his role on the show the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. As of 2014 he 22 and enrolled in college, but how many girlfriends he has had is not known.

How many brothers do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have?

None, Dylan and Cole do not have any other siblings. yes they do a brother name Ryan and a sister name ally Sprouse.

Who is Dylan Sprouse going out with?

Dylan Sprouse is not currently in a relationship with anybody. He has been a star on many Disney shows, especially "The Suite Life on Deck," his most popular hit.

Has Cole Sprouse ever dated any one?

Yes many people, including Allyson Stoner in 2006.

How many times have Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse beeen to England?

i dont think they have been yet tbh but if they have i think it might only be once.

How many famous people born on August 4?

Cole And Dylan Sprouse a.k.a Zack And Cody Martin On The Suite Life Were Born That Day

Dylan Sprouse Is Fat?

Dylan Sprouse WAS fat in 2005,2006,2007 and a little of 2008. Many people think it's becuz he has the bigger build but honestly, he was eating too much fat food and he was really lazy back then but I guess he started working out in like 2009 but he was fat but not any more. I can understand why most people would disagree becuz he's a big star and all that but sadly that's the truth

How many crushes dose maricel galingana have?

About 26 crushes: Zac Efron LeoNERDo dicaprio Davied Henri Cole Sprouse Dylan Sprouse Joe Jonas Jesse Mccartny and MUCH more!

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse really play Heart Gold and Soul Silver?

Even though they are teens, many famous people do, even Miley Cyrus, and Obama's oldest daughter play!

Do all Disney channel stars have to sing to be on Disney channel?

No. many of there star do not sing for example Cole and Dylan Sprouse do not sing.

How many people are named Dylan?

467,765,566,123,978,978,884,868,947,475,754,912,123... and more have the name Dylan

How many people have the name Dylan?

There are over 25 thousand people in the United States named Dylan. There are also around 100 people with the last name Dylan.

Who is on stardoll?

Many different people are on stardoll from 6 Onwards, people with RC (Real Celeb) Next too there name are celebraties, Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsan,Avril Lavine, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, just too name a few.

How many people has Cameron Diaz dated?

She dated about 25 guys... wow!

How many people has dougie poynter dated?

Dougie has dated 4 to date but he might have dated more when he was at school

How many girls has Dylan dated on suite life on deck?

i dont know im almost thriteen i dont like disney

How many bfs has Miley Cyrus had and who?

fiveNO!!!!!!!! she has had more then that they are nick Jonas, joe Jonas, Cody linly, Dylan sprouse, lucas till, zac efron, Justin gaston there may be more but i forget themnick Jonas, joe Jonas, Cody linly, Dylan sprouse, lucas till, zac efron, Justin gaston, and now her and nick are back together that is at least eight there could be more but i dnt think there are anymoreShe has had way more than 5.Nick Jonas,Cody Linley,Dylan Sprouse,Lucas Till,Justin Gaston,and now Liam Hemsworth.There are also guys before she was famous and probably more.I don't think shes ever dated Joe Jonas or Zac Efron.She does have a big crush on Zac though.

How many people has James Maslow dated?

he dated about 3 girls when he was 17 or 16

Who has Jason derulo dated?

Jason hasint dated many people but he has dated Taylor swift and his costar in his music video ' It Girl'

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