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Have honey bees killed more people than venom snakes?

Yes they have !

Does any type of shark eat people?

It is very rare that there have been any shark attacks on people, as you are more likely to get killet by bees than sharks, but the shark that is most likely to attack or eat people is the great white shark.

Why are the honey bees endangered?

because new bees were introduced to England and they killed of the honey bees

why do bees sworm?

Bees sworn because if the queen is killed the bees are choosing a new queen or the bees are trying to get another hive's queen and kill the queen bee.

Why do you fear bees?

You Don't unless you have a phobia of bees. Because it really hurts if you get stung! And although many people aren't severely effected by bee stings in the USA an average of 54 people are killed by them a year.

How many honey bees does it take to kill a 9 year old in under 1 minute?

It really depends on the child and the bees. People can be killed by just one sting.

How do male bees get killed when you get stinky?

They don't.

Is it legal to kill honey bees?

There is no laws that make it illegal to kill honey bees. However, the bees are getting endangered and they should not be killed.

How many people are killed by bees in one year?

Dr. David Golden said there have been about 40 sting deaths per year based on 10-year national statistics.

Are there any killer bees in San Antonio Texas and does that insect always attack people or is that a myth?

There are killer bees that are in San Antonio, Texas. It is a myth that these bees will attack people on command only if the hive has been disrupted in some way.

Person who raises bees?

Beekeepers are people who raise bees. They are scientist who are generally studying bees' behavior. Some people keep bees to get honey, as well.

How can people help honey bees?

People can help honey bees by planting flowers and shrubs that bees like and by not using insecticides in their gardens. The bees will do the rest.

Does chrysanthemum oil kill bees?

attacks there central nervous system. So yes they die.

Do bees often sting people?

If bees feel frightened of you/other people, then they will string you. There are probs loads of people getting stung by bees every day.

How can people help bees?

People can help bees by leaving glasses of water and sugar mixed together to give bees energy.

How did the great depression affect the state of Maine?

3333 it killed bees and

How do get rid of honey bees in my eaves?

If you have a beekeeper in the area, they will come and remove the bees for you. If you can't get in touch with a beekeeper, an exterminator can come out and remove the bees. Honey bees are important to the environment, and shouldn't be killed unless it is a last resort.

Do bee's or sharks kill more people each year?

Oddly enough, bees kill more people in a year, largely to to allergies. Despite the amount of coverage they get fatal shark attacks are quite rare.

What do bees mack there nest out of?

Bees build their comb out of wax which has been produced by the wax glands of young bees.

Do bees eat cheese?

well there different types of bees don’t eat cheese and do, there the honey bees, they love cheese with honey but hornets don’t like cheese.

What do bees do that help people?

The bees make honey that people use for food and other things.

What should you do if a swarm of bees attacks you?

Run like hell and dont look back!!!!!!!!! JUST RUN!!!

Why are bees called killer bees?

They aren't. There is a hybrid strain of honey bee which is properly called Africanised bees, and they tend to be more aggressive than normal honey bees. They are only found in South America, Central America and southern states of the United States. These Africanised bees have been known to attack people and livestock for no apparent reason and some people have then died from multiple stings. The media picked up on this and nicknamed them 'killer bees'.

Which animal eats bees?

Skunks have been known to eat obey bees.

Should a bee hive be removed from a wall after the bees are killed?

yes because other bees could think that the hive is it's own