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lots of people have tried to go into space.some have even orbit the planets almost and some have not been lucky enough to even attempt it.

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Q: How many people have go up into space?
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How many people are up in space?

there are 60000000 people in space

Do you have to go up in space to be an astronaut?

No u do not need to go up into space to be an astronaut. Actually many astronauts train and train but don't get to go up in space.

Who are astronnauts?

Astrounauts are people who go into space by rocket and discover what is up there in space. They are also people who study astronomy...

What do people go to space for?

To explore the world unknown up there.

Why do animals go up into space?

The reason is because scientist needed to test if people could also go up into space so they sended animals up to test so.

Could anyone go into space?

yes your able to go to space but you have to be careful because all the people that went their end up diei

How space shuttle change space program?

Well see, people want to go up into space...but they can't... so they'll die

What will go up in space when there is no space shuttle?

Space planes will go up now that the space shuttle program was dropped. :(

How many people standing side by side would it take to go across the US?

it would take about 17,952,000 people if every person took up a foot of space.

How many people went up to space with Sally Ride?


How many people are up in space at this moment?

I don't believe anybody.

What is the difference between a space probe and the satellite?

Space probes- instrument that gathers data and sends it back to earth, and an artificial satellite is when people go up to space and gather data and then go back to earth to go over the data