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an estimated thirty four million people. But in the last hundred years? Not more than a dozen.

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Q: How many people have had the Plague?
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What did people think caused the plague?

Many people believed that the bubonic plague was God's punishment.

How many people die from plague yearly worldwide?

Approximately 2000 people die from a the plague on a yearly basis worldwide. The last big plague was the bubonic plague.

Two reasons why many bodies of plague victims were not buried when the plague was at its worst in England?

so the people wouldn't get the plague aswell. so the wont get infected by the diseaces from the plague from the people that were dead

How many people die from plague?


How many people did the plague kill?


How many people a month died in England because of the bubonic plague?

about 900 people died each month from the plague

How many people were killed by plague?

There were 75 million people that were killed by the Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague.

How many people died in eyam plague 1665?

In 1665, there was approximately 267 people recorded dead from the plague in Eyam alone. In London, 6000 people died from the plague in one week.

What were the consequences of the plague?

plague continued spreading and many people died, which led to the black death

How did the bubonic plague affect Shakespeare's theater?

there were not as many people at the theater, and they close when plague happen

What were the consequences of the bubonic plague?

The deaths of many, many people.

What was true of the bubonic plague?

It killed many many people.

How many people dies in the plague and Hundred Years War?

The same amount of people that died in the plague and hundred years war.

How many people died of the great plague in 1665?

There were more like 70,000 deaths of the plague in 1665.

What did they do with the people who died in the black death plague?

Many were buried in 'Plague Pits', large communal graves.

Did the great fire of London wipe out the great plague?

no because the plague with not killing so many people

How many people has the black plague killed?


The black plague killed how many people?


How many people died from the plague in India?


How many people lived from the bubonic plague?

A Lot :-)

How many peasants died in the plague caused by the Black Death?

It is unknown how many people died in the Black Plague, but there have been estimates of 25 to 75 million people.

How many people survived the plague?

Not many people survived. Those who did could demand more rights and better pay because the people died. This plague came from Asia, perhaps China.

In what year was the black plague how many people died?

The black plague occured in Europe from 1347-1351. It killed about 25 million people.

Why were people scared of catching the plague?

People were afraid of catching the plague because people who caught the plague generally died.

Why were the effects of the plague so severe in 1665?

Because the plague could last for days. It also killed many, many people. hi