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Q: How many people helped create jiminy cricket?
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Where does the phrase 'Jiminy Cricket' come from?

Jiminy Cricket is a character from the 1940 Disney movie, Pinocchio, and is supposed to be his conscience. The name is something people say instead of saying Jesus Christ.

Who helped to create the atom bomb?

Several thousand people helped create the atom bomb

What has the phone helped to create?

The phone has helped to create a society in which people expect to be able to communicate instantly at great distances.

How do ADD people act?

We tend to be totally off subject almost all of the time. For example, let's say Jiminy Cricket had ADD and was trying to help Pinocchio with a girl problem, suddenly he started talking about the old TV show "Get Smart."

Why did Darius 1 create satrapies?

To have people who helped with government issues.

How did railways help to create more jobs?

they helped create more jobs as they needed people to work on the trains and fix the railways.

How did both resources and people help spur the growth of industry in America?

People helped by working and inventing new things and resources helped the people invent and create new things

How many people helped john calcott create the Christmas card?


Is jiminy cricket a fairy tale character?

Yes. He was on Pinocchio No Pinocchio was a little wood boy whose nose magically grew!! and how would he get onPinocchio if he is a cricket!!! crickets can't jump that high!! wait, was he a cricket... or a grass hopper? And anyways, if he is a BUG, then how the hell is he a FAIRY!!!!! that is what i would like to know... also how could he be a fairy and a tail at the same time?? you are the dumbest person ever! little wood boys and bugs have nothing in common so why would they put him in the movie Pinocchio??!! unless jiminy was a termite then they could be in the same movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which he is NOT so don't go around telling people that he was in the movie too!!! you know what? if jiminy was a termite and he started eating Pinocchio, then Super Ken and Super Glin would come flying across the screen to save him!!! and that does not happen in the movie... but i think there should be a sequil where that does happen, you think your a real boy? well d@mn it you are so wrong, trust me im a doctor ;P

Which two Greek tyrants worked to create reforms that helped the people?

Solon and Draco

What did Andrew Jackson create to reward people who helped him win the election?

spoils system

What are some important people in Jeff Kinney's life?

The important people in Jeff Kinney's are the people who helped him make Poptropica, the people who helped him create Funbrain, and the people who read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid stories because they help his popularity rate of the story increase.

How did irrigation began early civilizations?

It helped people to move around and then settle to create what is known as a civilization

What is a cricket field?

Where people play cricket

What life experiences does JK Rowling use in her books?

Her experience with depression helped her create the effect that Dementors have on people.

What did Egyptian gods do for the people?

She was helpful because she was the ruler of all the other gods and she helped create new gods.

How did the magna carta create more freedom?

it helped people or barons to have more rights and it helped them have more power and they had a word. they also had some power over running the country

Do African people have sports?

Yes of course, they play football, athletics, cricket but they don't have any unique sports which they created fully themselves I hope this helped -T

Why do people say cricket cricket?

People say cricket cricket because that is the sound crickets make. beside cricket being a sport cricket is also the name of an insect closely related to the grasshopper.

How many people play cricket in the world?

20,000,000 people play cricket worldwide today.

What did Egyptian god Mut do for the people?

She was helpful because she was the ruler of all the other gods and she helped create new gods.

What was muts powers?

She was the goddess of love and protection she also took care of people and helped to create new gods and goddess's

What did Washington and congress create that helped him run the us?

He created a cabinet, filled with talented people and his most trusted advisors

What amazing things did Princess Diana do or create?

She helped others and didn't care about what they had or if they was poor she treated all people EQUAL

What percentage of people play cricket?

From a survey from November 2013, a total of 908,000 people aged over 14 played cricket in teams, with a further 792,000 people playing cricket informally.