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Since there is, by law, no general registration of firearms in the USA - there are only estimates, and they range from a low of 76 million to a high of over 120 million gun owners.

Current surveys (2010 and later) put the percentage of households that had a gun in them in the low 40s (40-45%) and the number of adults who said they personally owned a gun in the low 30s (30-34%). Given that roughly 75% of the population is an adult, that means that there are about 225 million adults, and, thus, between 67 and 77 million adults who own a gun.

Note that the number of people owning guns (both as a percentage and in absolute numbers) has been slowly falling for the past 30 years. The total number of guns owned by an individual who has at least one gun, however, has skyrocketted.

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Q: How many people in America own a gun?
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How many people own a gun in America in 2009?

There is no source of exact information. Best estimate is about 120 million people.

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America does not certify, register or license people to own guns in most areas. Therefore, there is no way of answering. It is estimated that a bit more than 1/3 of all households in the US have at least 1 gun.

How many people own a gun in the USA?

@ 25% of the total population.

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No way to know.

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In general, yes. There are a few people that cannot legally own a gun, such as a felon, people with certain misdemeanors, and people with mental deficiencies and, a couple of others.

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Where do you have to live to own a gun at 18?

United States of America.

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Your question calls for an opinion. My opinion is that people SHOULD be allowed to own a gun.

Where in the world is it legal to own a gun?

AMERICA OF COURSE! Now seriously, many countries have laws which enable you to have gun if you are certified with a licence. USA is one of those. You can own a gun in most of the U.S. without a license. You do, most of the time, have to have a permit to carry a handgun on your person, however.

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200 million people are killed and then become stupide becouse this page is not factuale

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