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How many people in the U.S. own a TV?


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several million peopele


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== == According to US Television Households as of December 2006 - 111,300,000 people have TVs.

there are more tv sets in the US than there are people in the United Kingdom

According to US Television Households as of December 2006 - 111,300,000 people have TVs.

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Regular television broadcasting in the US began in 1940, but not that many households had TV sets. TVs became widespread in the US from the late 1940s on. At the time of the Holocaust not many homes had TV.

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A almost all people. A almost all people.

according to my calculations 66% of the population owned tvs

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because they are so bored with there own lives that they have to watch telvision to make it better. Plus it is very entertaining and creates conversation.

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About 4 billion people over the age of 18.

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