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2,000 parents cannot read or write

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Q: How many people in the UK cannot read and write?
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How many people cannot read or write in jamaica?


Who can not read and write in english?

There are millions of people on the planet who cannot read or write English !

What is the term for the inability to read or write?

people who cannot read or write starts begging.

How many people in Israel cannot read or write?

not everyone knows there could be thousands or millions no one knows.

Can people write but not read?

No, if they have hands then they can write as they understand the language in written form and not just oral form. If you can read a language then you can write it

How many people in Egypt can read and write?

71.4% of Egypt can read and write

How many people can't read or write in India?

75.06% of the people in India can read and write as per 2011.

How many people can read and write in Chile?


Can niari people write there caste kaibarta?

no they cannot because they read to much book and stuff

How many people can read and write in Peru?

A majority of people in MEDC (Most Economically Developed Countries) like England can read and write but unfortunate people living inn LEDC (Less Economically Developed Countries) like India, most of their citizens cannot read and write because of lack of money and lack of teachers. Furthermore schools.

What is a thing which can writes but can't read?

A pen can write but it cannot read. Your question didn't say " cannot be read "

What do you call someone who can read and write?

A literate person. Someone who cannot read and write is called illiterate.