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Q: How many people in the US and Georgia have trichomoniasis?
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How many people from Georgia signed the constitution?

Only Two men from Georgia signed the US constitution

How many square mile in Georgia?

The answer depends on whether it is Georgia, US or Georgia in Europe.

How many acres is Georgia?

The US state of Georgia is 38,000,000 acres.

How many US Representives are there from Georgia?


How many rivers are there in Georgia US?


How many people were living in the state Georgia in the year 2000?

The US Census of 2000 recorded 8,186,453 residents.

How many hours travel from Brunswick Georgia to St. Mary Georgia US?

45 minutes

How many US Representatives does Georgia have?

Following the 2010 Census, Georgia has 14 US Representatives in the House (gained 1). * Georgia has 180 state representatives in the state legislature.

What do you call people who live in Georgia?

More than likely "Georgians". But, they have been called Crackers, southeners, confederates, Rednecks and many more names. This is the US state of Georgia, by the way.

How many us congressional districts in georgia?

14 in the 2010s

How many hours ahead is Canada from Georgia US?


How many types of snakes are there in Georgia US?

There are about 41 varieties of snakes of snakes in Georgia, 6 of which are venomous.

How many US Senators represent Georgia?

There are only 2 U.S. Senators that represent the state of Georgia.

How many revolutionary wars were fought in Georgia?

Only one Revolution took place in Georgia (or the US)

How many hours is New York behind Georgia?

If you are talking about Georgia in the US...they are in the same time zone

How many US Senators does the state of Georgia have?

Every state has 2 US Senators.

Which US colony was formed for people who couldn't pay their debts?


In what US state are more black people?

I think it is either Louisiana or Georgia

Why did Georgia ratify the US Constitution so quickly?

omg get a life people

Which is more common in the united statesTrichomoniasis or chancroid?

Trichomoniasis is far more common than chancroid in the US. Health care providers in the US see multiple cases of trichomoniasis each week, but may go for decades without seeing a case of chancroid.

How many private investigators are there in Georgia?

if you want to hire an investigator in Georgia, please visit:

How many delegates to the US House of Representatives did Georgia have in 1783?


How many representatives do you have in Georgia?

Each US state has two representatives.

How many miles between Atlanta Georgia US and Colombia?


How many years has Georgia been one of the US?

224 years