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About 15% of people in the U.S.

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How many people are Christian in the US?

Most people in the United States are Christian. The biggest Christian denomination is Baptist.

How many people are not christian in the US?

About 21%.

How many Christian Church in US?


What do Jewish people say on Christmas?

many of us say Merry Christmas to our Christian friends

Is Christian religion practiced in the US?

Yes, by many Americans, but not all because their are many people of different faiths in the U.S.

How many people that don't believe in God in the us?

Most people I'm a devout Christian but most aren't that's why we have missionaries

Does the US have Christian roots?

the US does but it is not commonly used by most people :(

How many Christian school are there in the US?

Too many...

How many people are Christian in Europe?

i think 72.7% Europeans are christian.

Is it proper to call the US a Christian Nation?

No, the US Constitution clearly states that people have the freedom to practice whatever religion they want. While the majority of people in the US profess to be Christian that is their individual choice; not the mandate or will of the government.

How many christian churches are their in the US?

Approximately 3800 Christian churches are in the US. This answer probably left off 2 zeros at the end. Most estimates of Christian churches in the US range from 300,000 to 400,000.

How many members are there in Christian Science in the US?

about 400.000

How many Christian parachurch organizations in US?


Are you a Christian if you celebrate Halloween?

No, many non-Christian people celebrate Halloween.

How many people in runcorn are Christian?

I live in Runcorn and 65% claim to be christian!

Is there a lot of people who are Christian?

well they are about 38,000 different denomitions of the christian practices in the world..but how many of these people are really christian only the lord knows.....but by having about 38000 different denominations would put us in the millions or even billions off self proclaimed christians

How many people in the US are Catholic?

There are about 75 million Catholics in the USA and they make up 24% of the People who proclaim to be Christian. See the link below for more information.

How many Christian Churches in the US?

Over 220,000.

How many Christian schools are there in the US?

Roughly estimated as 3,000.

How many people believe that Jesus died on the cross to save us from Satan?

It is estimated that a third of the world's population considers themselves Christian.

How many US presidents are christian?

All of them so far are Christians, eventhough people say obama is a muslim, hes not,because why would he swear on a bible if he was a muslim? anyway, i believe that he is a christian, no matter what.

How much of the US is Christian?

76% of the population, or around 230 million people.

How many people follow the Christian Faith?

About 2 billion people are Christians.

How many christian religions or sects exist in the US?

At least 3.

What was the religion in the US during 1785?

As with most English people (which originally created the US) the religion of the US in 1785 ,as it now, is predominatly Protestant Christian. I am not sure if it was made the state religion. This may sound weird for many Americans in the South-West USA (like California and Texas) because most people there are Catholic Christian (because of the Latin American Heritage majority).

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