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Q: How many people in the world are parents of toddlers?
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What are some play toys that are safe for toddlers?

they are many toys safe for toddlers by the discretion of their parents. Search for toys under the brand names like fisher price, leapfrog, playskool, vtech and many others who have a majority focus on creating toys for young kids. Refer to:

What are the effects of insects inside the house to toddlers?

There are many negative effects of insects inside the house to toddlers. Many toddlers are allergic to bees and a stink could kill them.

Who is trying to persuade you?

There are many people in the world who will try to persuade you. Your parents and teachers will try this for example.

How many parents are in the world?


How many bones do Toddlers have?

one thonit

Where can one purchase boots for girl toddlers?

There are many places where one can purchase boots for girl toddlers. A good place is the website "Amazon" or the website "eBay" to purchase boots for girl toddlers.

How many baby teeth do toddlers get?


Where can one find videos of ABC songs for toddlers?

Videos of ABC songs for toddlers can be found in the electronics department of many retailers. Toys stores also carry videos of ABC songs for toddlers.

Who uses a mobile phone?

all of the world uses mobile phones such as; workers, parents, children and many more billions of people

What is fun for toddlers?

Toddlers love to explore their world, learn new thing and play with toys as well as with other children and adults. There are many activities that parents can do with their toddlers. Here are some ideas:Roll a ball back and forthStack blocks to build stuff (can use smooth wooden blocks, large plastic blocks or "Mega Blocks" that stack together)"Pretend Play" with stuffed animals, dolls or other toys"Drive" toy cars and trucksPull the toddler in a wagonWatch cartoons and look for colors, shapes or listen for certain words.Slide on a toddler slideSwing in a toddler swing

Are Playmobil toys for toddlers?

No, PlayMobile toys are not recommended for toddlers. Most of the sets come with many very small pieces which are choking hazards.

How many parents are there in the world?