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stupid question It's not a stupid question!!!! Lotz of ppl like Roy Mayorga !!!!

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Is stone sour gay?

if you like stone sour go listen to slipknot. with all due respect stone sour is horrible. but i respect them because of corey taylor. but like i said. go listen to slipknot

Are there any Christian bands that sound like Stone Sour?

Thousand Foot Krutch

What does lemon taste like?

Sour tangy & really good if you like sour and tangy

Do all people like sour patch kids?

no my aunts don't

What does lemon juice taste like?

A lot of people would refer to it as tasting Sour.But most people think Lemons are sweet.And Limes are Sour.Source: Experience

Why does the sour part of the candy War Heads taste like vomit?

It doesn't taste like vomit to most people. It could be the ingredients in the sour part of the candy that makes it taste like that to you.

why do some people like?

Your question needs another word at the end. Why do some people like pickles? They enjoy the sour flavor.

What do acids taste like?

sour. They are sour usually. And bases are bitter.bitter/sour

How can sweet and sour sauce be sweet and sour at the same time?

It is easy-- mix something sweet like sugar with something sour like lemon juice or vinegar. Your tongue can detect sweet and sour at the same time and many people find the combination pleasant - witness lemonade and coca-cola.

Are pickles yummy or yucky?

Some people like sweet pickles. Some people prefer the sour pickles. Some like both.

How were stone age people able sleep?

Biologically, stone age people were just like us. They ate like us, lived like us and slept like us.

Why do girls like sour fruits?

Sour is yummie. That's why.

What does Medusa like to do?

turn people to stone

What did Medusa like to do?

turn people to stone

How did stone age people eat?

They hunted for their food. =================== Like people today, stone age people had teeth. They ate with their teeth.

Why does sour candy not taste like salt?

Sour candy does not taste like salt because the candy uses acids to make it sour, not salt.

What candy is more popular Sour Skittles or Original Skittles?

I think that it is the original skittles because not all people are going to like sour. Yet more are going to like the original kind better.

What is sour curd?

sour curd is kinda like fermented cheese

Is dry cough sour throut and head ach contageuse?

yes if you like kiss people and pysicly like YES

What is amaretto and sour mix called?

Usually it would simply be called an Amaretto sour. (like a whiskey sour)

Is sour cream the same as soured cream?

Nope. Sour cream has to do with One certain ingredient and Sour ice cream is like sour milk but the sour in the ice cream is the milk:)

What developmentsoccurred during the Stone Age?

people made tools out of stone such as mallets and stuff like that

Why does Justin Bieber like sour pach kids?

because they are his fav and they are sour

How does acid rain taste like?

Sour, since all acids are sour.

Why Sugar and lemon in tea?

Some people like it some people dont.I know that some people like sugar and lemon in tea because it makes it not sour but tangy and sweet.

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