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How many people live in NJ?

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8.938 million (2014).

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How many people live in keyport NJ?

how many pepole live in keyport nj

How many people live in brick NJ?


How many people live in Somerdale NJ?

5,261 (2013)

Who buys guns in NJ?

People who live in NJ

What is the population state of NJ?

over 8 million people live in the state of NJ and the population varies because so many people a year move to NJ because NJ has so much to offer. NJ'spopulation is larger than South Carolina!

How many people live in Red Bank NJ?

2,117. Wait, just read a new obit. 2, 116.

Did they live on pine st montclair NJ black people in the 1940s?


What continent would you live in if you live in NJ?

Is NJ New Jersey??? If it is; the answer is North America

Did Bruce springsteen live in river vale NJ?

Yes he did, he is known he had live there by millions of people around the world.

Do most people live in the city or country in new jersey?

Good Question, on the outer edges is most population for cities and commerce to grow in NJ. In the inner branches is where the people who live in country are. I would have to say that most people who live in NJ only want to live here cause of no food, clothing or shoes tax. They want to live in burbs not so much the city or the country. If a choice had to be made the city. Those NJ bears are rough.

What state is worse NY or NJ?

New york is worse people there think there all that just because the live in an rich place. NY people always yell, complane, and ETC. there somemany bad things about them that make the one of the worse state to live. Many get lost and hundreds maybe thousands get killed. NJ is a nice and quiet state where many people have no problem with big tight spaces and not much people.

Where does Jr smith live?

I think he used to live in Millstone NJ and was born in Freehold NJ

Are turtles illegal in nj?

not to me. i live in nj so its ok

Are air rifles legal in NJ?

You must contact the police where you live for a current and correct answer. If you don't live in NJ, you must contact the NJ authorities

How many people in NJ like barbecue chicken?


Where do the real housewives of NJ live?

Most of them live in Franklin Lakes, NJ. However, Teresa currently lives in Towaco, NJ, and Danielle lives in Wayne, NJ. The Posche Boutique that is featured on the show is also in Wayne, NJ.

Where does Judge Thomas FX Foley of NJ live?

Brick, NJ

What part of NJ did the Jonas brothers live?

Wyckoff, NJ did you not know that!?!?!

When is spring break 2012 NJ public schools?

i do not live in nj

What state do I claim for unemployment if I live in NJ and work in NYC?

If tou are a resident of NJ, then you apply in NJ.

How many countries are there in NJ?

how many counties are in NJ

How many people live in cranford NJ?

In the year of 2000, Cranford's population was at 22,578. As of the year 2010, the township's population was 22,625. In 2016 estimated that 24,097 was the population.

How many people live in NJ per square mile?

New Jersey has the highest population density of the 50 states with 1,210.1 persons per square mile.

Doesjaiyona carter live in englewood NJ?

Jaiyona Carter is from Englewood NJ

Where does Hannah Girone live in englishtown NJ?

I think she lives in nj or pa