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thousands of people live in the gobi desert. many of them are poor and homeless thousands of people live in the gobi desert. many of them are poor and homeless

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Q: How many people live in the Gobi Desert?
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What desert do the Mongol people live in?

Many of them live in the Gobi Desert on the border with China.

Do humans live in the Gobi desert and how?

Yes, many live in the Gobi

Are there snakes in the Gobi desert?

Yes, there are many species of snakes that live in the Gobi, including a number of highly venomous vipers.

How many square miles is the Gobi Desert?

the Gobi Desert is about 500,000 square miles.

Does Gobi Desert have plants?

Yes. The Gobi Desert has many plant species, including wormwood, saxaul and many types of grasses.

How many seasons does the Gobi Desert have?

The Gobi Desert has the same seasons as elsewhere on earth - summer, fall, winter and spring.

How do people adapt to the Gobi desert?

They probably seemingly and slowly get used to the desert. I heard its a cold desert, so maybe its not that hard to many to adapt to(;

What is the gobi desert useful for.?

many archaeological objects have been found in the gobi. many nomads pass through the gobi to raise their cattle

How do people in the Gobi desert spend there spare time?

The Gobi desert is prized for it's fossils. Many palaeontologists travel to the Gobi desert to start new digs. They are always finding something different and amazing like fossilized nests with eggs of some type of prehistoric creature.

Does Asia have deserts?

Yes,many in fact.Such as Gobi Desert and Arabian Desert.

How does the gobi desert affect the people?

th gobi dessert effects many people ny its all time change climate, when winter the desserters have to protect there camels from wolves/

What landforms does the gobi desert have?

The Gobi desert doesn't have many sand dunes like the Sahara. It has more rocky outcrops and gravel plains

How many cacti are in the Gobi Desert?

Cacti are natives of the Americas only and would not be found in the Gobi Desert of Asia unless man planted then there.

How many deserts are in China?

The two major deserts of China are the Gobi Desert and the Taklamakan Desert.

What kind of people live in desert?

Many people live in the desert. People who like dry and hot climates will enjoy living in the desert regions.

What Kind of people live in Gobi?

many people. im just doing a project on them, theres plenty on google under the search "people of the gobi". They are mostly nomadic desert tribes who live a very simplistic life and have adapted to the harsh climate of the desert. They live in simple shelter called 'gers' (search it on google) and they take with them livestock for milk, and food. This is only a small and brief answer but as I say theres plenty on the internet if you search the right things!

How many days is it to travel the Gobi Desert?

A lot of days. Lots.

What is an example of a desert excepting the Sahara?

Gobi Desert, Arabia Desert, Taklamakan Desert, Sonoran Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, Patagonian Desert, Aracama Desert and many more.

How many people live in an average desert?

If your talking about the Shara desert, the world Largest hot desert in the world, about 4 million people live in the sahara desert.

Do people live in the Australian desert?

yes there is but not many people

How many people live in the Kalahari desert?


What are the locations of deserts?

There are many deserts ,some are: Sahara Desert - North/East Africa Gobi Desert - China

What is an isolated desert?

You may want to be more specific with your question. If you mean "What is a desert with few or no people," there are many of them. These include the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, the Atacama Desert, the Sahara Desert, the Kalahari Desert, Gobi Desert, and Antarctica (a cold desert), just to name a few.

What are the names of four deserts?

Sahara Desert Atacama Desert Chihuahuan Desert Gobi Desert Antarctica Sonoran Desert Grand Victorian Desert Thar Desert and many more

Do any people live in the Simpson desert?

Many People believe that Aboriganals live in the Simpson Desert, animals and park rangers live there and also Aboriganals.