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More than own footballs who cares

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How many people in US own fish?

about 25%

What is the fish that most people own?

most people own goldfish.

Do fish eat other fishs newborns?

Many fish eat their own newborns.

How many people own a car in the UK?

How many people own a car in the UK

How many people own golden retrievers?

how many people own golden retrievers?

Can a Betta fish live with any other fish?

Yes they can live with many other species of fish except for their own kind...they fight.

There were 1000 fish in a fish tank and 673 drowned how many are left?

all of them are left. fish live in water. i am not a fish but i know that they don't drown in their own house. :)

What types of fish do people eat?

People eat many kinds of fish including trout, bass, gar, tuna and cat fish.

Can you fish in the Hudson river?

Yes, many people fish in the Hudson River.

How many people in Australia own a game console?

how many people own a game console in australia

Do fish make their own food?

no. fish have to find their own food. <3 ;)

How many fish do people eat?


Do many people fish for Greenback Cutthroat Trout?

no not many

Can fish make its' own food?

no, fish cannot make their own food. please feed your fish.

How many people own a horse?

My horses own me.

How many people own ferrets?

How many people own ferrets? All over the world? Probably millions

What is the answer to the riddle who owns the fish?

I own the fish.

How are sharks helpful for people?

by killing fish. without sharks we would have to many fish

How many people own a farm in the world?

in the U.S.A 23,000 people own farms

How many people own cars in Jamaica?

all the people in Jamaica that own cars

How many people own televisions in Brazil?

98% of the people in Brazil own a television.

How many people in the world own a psp?

i think there are 1000 people who own a psp.

How many people own cellphones?

2 billion people own mobile phones

How many people own refrigerator in India?

85% people have own refrigerator in India.

Are fish amphibians or mammals?

Neither. Fish are fish, a group of their own.

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