How many people play Farmville globally?

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There are currently 63,370,436 monthly active users worldwide.
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Globally how many people enjoy the sport of football today?

An estimated 3.2 billion have interest in football around the world. Sports like Cricket and Rugby are a distant 2nd and 3rd respectively. Manchester united has 360 million supporters in Asia alone. its pretty obvious there is more than a billion supporters globally.

How many people are affected by global warming?

The whole world will be affected in one way or another by global warming. Millions suffered from the extensive, record floods of 2011, which may or may not have been caused or exacerbated by global warming. Although we can not say that any one climatic event must have occurred specifically because o ( Full Answer )

How many people have died from global warming?

Some opinions from our contributors: . about 150 000 people die every year because of global warming. . None. . We do not know. People do die during heatwaves, floods and so on, and global warming is believed to contribute to these events, but no single weather event can be attributed with confi ( Full Answer )

How many people buy online globally?

According to the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey, more than 85% of the world's online population has used the internet to make a purchase - this is about 875 million, up 40% in the last two years.

How many people think global warming is true?

First of all, two different polls of scientists working in the field of climate science found that 97 per cent believed that global warming is real and that human activity was a substantial cause. Statistically, the samples in both cases were large enough to provide confidence in their accuracy, but ( Full Answer )

How many children globally play xBox?

I don't know about just Xbox, or globally , but 68% of U.S. children play on computer or video games at least 1 hour a day. Yes, I know. Disquieting... but not surprising.

How do you play FarmVille on Facebook?

Type in farmville in the top right hand corner in the search box. Click Applications and select farmville . Once you are in the game - Plough land, plant seeds, buy animals, harvest plants, harvest animals, buy new items with profit. Repeat.

Where can you play FarmVille not on Facebook?

I wanna play but you cant ! I cant go on facebook! . Im sorry but you can only play on facebook. . someone said that you can go on it by going to the following i did not try this . or if you can get onto Myspace - you could try YoVille, which is similar to Farmville an ( Full Answer )

Do you need a Facebook to play FarmVille?

I only play Farmville on facebook, but you can go to the Zynga website and play Farmville there, but that too needs a facebook acount to attatch too. No you can't get Farmville off Facebook. I only play on Facebook. Farmville's best on Facebook. I can get it on the Zynga website because I'm on F ( Full Answer )

Can you work for people in FarmVille Facebook?

you can not work for people but you can click on there name in your neighbors menu and there is a link that says visit/help on their name farm...this gives you xp points and cash!!! Hope this helps

How do you play farmville on itouch?

You can't because the itouch or iphone does not yet have adobe flash player and this is required to play it. Although it is possible if you are willing to evade your warranty i suggest not to do this.

How do people have tiers of land in Farmville?

It's an optical illusion. You stack fences or hedges, one in front of the other at a slight angle and it looks like taller fences or "stair step" looking hedges. Kinda cool actually. I did it on my farm.

How do you fertilize peoples crops on farmvilles?

You can fertilize farms only if you are one of the selected players that receive that option. When you go to visit your neighbors' farms, after you help them a little bag called 'Super Grow' with a x5 next to it will appear in the bottom left corner. Click on it and click some squares in your neighb ( Full Answer )

How many megabytes does FarmVille use?

Farmville currently stores no information on your computer. All of the information is kept server-side. Therefore, there are no megabytes of information used by Farmville.

How do you play FarmVille free?

You can play Farmville for free by adding the application on your Facebook page. To do this, either accept an invitation to play from a friend, click on a Farmville advert on Facebook pages, or search applications for Farmville.

Teach you how to play FarmVille on fb?

Farmville is not that hard. Once you get the hang of it you'll never forget it. You start by clicking the green plow of the bottom right of the screen, and you take the plow and plow some land on your farm... You then plant some seeds in the plowed land. Before you buy the seeds make sure you know ( Full Answer )

Why you can't play FarmVille in your facebook?

Usually when you can't get on farmville, you need a new e-mail for Facebook. If that doesn't work, you need to bookmark farmville. If that doesn't work, you may need to verify your account. If that doesn't work, try playing on If thoes suggestions don't work besides going on Farmvil ( Full Answer )

Why can you not play FarmVille without Facebook?

FarmVille cannot be played without having a Facebook account because Zynga has a business partnership with Facebook and, to minimize too much complication with competition between other social media sites like MySpace, Twitter, or Friendsters, the Zynga company has probably decided it was best to st ( Full Answer )

How do you make money playing FarmVille?

You plant crops wait however long it take for them 2 grow then harvest them which gives you money then plow after you've harvested then plant some more seeds for next time, you can also get a bit of money by going on your friends farms.

Can you play Farmville without neighbors?

You can play Farmville without neighbors, however you will have limitations to the game. Some limitations will be, limited in the size of your farm, not being able to earn certain ribbons for extra game coins and XPs and not being able to complete some of the buildings that are given to you as frame ( Full Answer )

How many neighbors do you have in Farmville?

you can play farmville without adding any neighbors at all, but its more fun with more neighbors. The maximum number of neighbors you may have is 300.

How do you find out How many neighbors you have on FarmVille?

There are 2 places you can count them, the bar on the bottom of your farm screen, or the list on your My Neighbors tab. (The statistics on each neighbor includes how many neighbors they have, so you can ask a neighbor to check that for you.) Also, if you click Games on your Facebook homepage, you ( Full Answer )

How many gb does FarmVille use?

Farmville is a java based application online, it doesn't take up space on your hard drive other than storing cache and cookies it uses during gameplay. Now if you don't clear these out ever now and then these folders can get quite large but the program itself doesn't download anything to your comput ( Full Answer )

How do you keep your Farmville activity from bothering your friends who do not play Farmville?

Tell them to hide posts from Farmville from their News Feed. Either send them the URL of this question so they can view the instructions below, or give these instructions to them yourself. To do this, . Tell them to find a Farmville Post from you on their News Feed. . After they've found ( Full Answer )

How many people are buying global warming now?

Basically everyone with any knowledge now admits not only that there is serious global warming, but that it is mostly man made, and increasing. The only few who don't are being paid off. Even President Bush admitted there was no longer any question at all. This does not answer the question. W ( Full Answer )

How do you play Farmville English Countryside?

If you have the location then you can go to the world button, click it and travel. You would have to have a facebook/farmville account from when the English Countryside started though you can't just buy it.

What mobile device can you play Farmville on?

iPhone and iPod touch both have farm illegal apps by you need internet for them. So if you have a free Internet contract on an iPhone you can go on it wherever as long as your phone gets the connection. That's most places except top of mountains etc.

Why do so many people believe global warming is not real?

Because there's not enough proof that CO2 emissions is really responsible for this. Only .03% of our atmosphere is CO2, plus with paleoclimatology, we understand that this weather fluctuation is a normal part of earth's history, in fact compared a millions of years ago, we are at a cool part in time ( Full Answer )

How become neighbors with people on FarmVille?

On the top label above window where you play with you farm, click on the icon Add Neighbors. There you can see if there are any of your friends that are already playing farmville on there. In order to add them, you need to send a request to be their neighbor. To do that click on "Add as Neighbor" a ( Full Answer )

How do you get your gifts people send you on farmville?

When doing the quests on Farmville my friends "clicked" on the items required to complete the quest and yet I did not receive them Also when I "clicked" on their items I did not receive them either, as I normally do. Why is this.? Can you tell me.