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James Oglethorpe (December 22, 1696-June 30,1785) was the founder of the colony of Georgia, in the New World. He helped debtors to be free and gave land to many people.

he took about a quite alot of people but the quetion is how long did it take

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The Georgia colony was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe. Oglethorpe, was a person who cared about the plight of the poor. He wanted to resettle many of those in London's debtor prisons.

He is the founder of the wonderful state Georgia! With many other accomplishments prior to the founding of Georgia.

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There were many leaders such as John Smith,James Oglethorpe and Pochahantas [saved John Smith from the indians going to kill him]

Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA - 442 square miles.

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2,208 people sailed Titanic. 1,496 people died and 712 lived.

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o i now 42 people you ee i now

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James Oglethorpe thought that the poor (such as people living in jails) should have better lives. He also believed that it was to crowded in England for so many people, so they could move many people to Georgia. One more reason, is that, if the Indians let them own a lot of land (which they did), they could have more grown items, such as silk. They wouldn't even have to do it themselves, they could just have the colonists do it.

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