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How many people speak Arabic as a first language?


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Arabic has around 280 million native speakers, and an extra 250 million non-native speakers.


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" Arabic people" are Arabic speakers who are called Arabs. Arabic is the language they speak mainly.

Virtually all Druze people speak either Arabic or Hebrew in public, but all speak Arabic as a first language.

some people back to Ismael the son to Ibrahim the first who speak this language... Its Abraham

All Arabs speak Arabic as their primary and mother language. Also some people speak Arabic as a second language as based on personal choice.

Most Muslims in Australia speak English as either a first or second language.

Officially Modern Standard Arabic is the language, however, most people speak Darija Arabic, also called Tunisian Arabic.

it's the same way as any other language. How people speak English or Spanish or any other language..?

Its probably Hebrew or Arabic and if you want to speak English learn how to spell it. Your q should have been what was the first language spoken

Some do, but most do not. _________________________________ Most educated Egyptians speak English as a second language. (first language is Arabic).

The official language is Arabic

About 400,000 people speak it either as a first language or a second language.

They speak, of course, Arabic language.

Yes they speak one language, the Arabic language.

Arabs primarily speak Arabic.Arabic

Muslim isn't a language. It's a religion. Some of the people who practice the religion speak Arabic.

I'm proud to be from Jordan & I can tell you that all the people of Jordan speak Arabic. Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab country, it's official language as the other Arab countries is Arabic. The 2nd language that is being widely learnt is the English.

The language that is mostly spoken in The Sahara Desert is ArabicArabic is the main language spoken in the Sahara desertMost speak Arabic.what languages do they speak in the sahra desert

The definition of an Arab is someone who is a member of a group of people who speak Arabic. Therefore Arabs speak Arabic. There are many different dialects of Arabic but they are considered the same language.

Bedouins do not form a country by their own, so we cannot say they have an 'official' language. But the common language they speak is Arabic which is the language spoken by most the people in the Middle East.

Virtually all Druze speak either Arabic or Hebrew.

Kanuri people mainly speak Kanuri, which is a dialect continuum spoken in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, as well as small minorities in southern Libya and by a diaspora in Sudan.Most first-language Kanuri speakers also speak Hausa or Arabic as a second language.

Palestine is Arabic and speaks the Arabic language. My family used to live there so I would know.

Because that is their language.

because its a language ...

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