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Around 10,000,000 people speak French as a primary language in Canada. Most of them of course are from the province of Quebec and New Brunswick. Around 30% of the population in Canada can speak French but, not necessarily as a primary language.

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How many people in Canada don't speak French?

88% of the Canadian population do not speak French as their primary language.

How many people speak french as their first language in canada?

About 22% of Canadians speak French as their primary language. Most of these French-speakers reside in Quebec.

What does Quebec have that the rest of Canada doesn't have?

The largest population of people who's primary language is French.

Why do most people speak french in Canada?

Most people in Canada speak English as their native language. Only 22% speak French as a native language.

What language do people from France speak in Canada?

People from France who live in Canada speak Either English or French.

What language do people speak in central Canada?

English and French

How do French people call in their language to 'Primary Schools'?

Primary schools are "les écoles primaires" in French.

What is the total percentage of people that speak French in Canada 2014?

As of 2014, about 22.3% of the population of Canada speak French as their native language.

How do French people behave in America?

As they normally would. There are many who speak French as their first language in Canada for instance. It is also an official language there.

Are francophone's people who use french as their first or second language?

Francophone people use French as their first language. They are people who are from French speaking countries other than France. Such as: Canada, Belgium, Sénégal, and Morrocco.

How many people in the world speak French as their primary language?

Approximately 110 million people speak French as their primary language. See the page link further down this page, under Sources and Related Links for a Wikipedia on this subject.

Why is french good for Canada?

Because it is one of the official languages. They are: English and French. Why is it an official language: because a lot of people from France come to Canada.

What language is shared by both the United States and Canada?

English is shared by both the US and Canada.French is also a shared language. about 7 million people speak French in Canada, and about 2 million speak it in the United States.

Are English and French the only languages in Canada?

the are th 2 main languages in Canada but other people can speak other language in Canada

What is the population of people that speak french in canada?

According to the Canadian census, 98% of Canadians speak French either as a first language or a second language. 22% speak only French.

Do people in Myanmar speak French?

For the most part, no. The majority of people in Myanmar speak Burmese, which is the official language. The primary language of instruction in Myanmar is English.

What is the most common language spoken in Canada?

1. English 2. French 3. I think Chinese The most common language is spoken in Canada is English, while 25 percent of Canadians are of French-Canadian descent. 6.7 million people speak French in Canada. 31 percent of Canadian citizens are French speaking.

Who gave French people in quebec the right to speak French?

There's no such thing as "having the right" to speak a certain language. The French were the ones who colonized Québec (Canada), and therefore imposed their native language. Later on, when the English conquered Canada and won over the French army, the Englishlanguage was introduced, but French was not banned.

Is the national language of Canada french?

There are French speaking people and English speaking people in Canada, so most street signs there are printed in French, and English.Answer:Yes, in part. Actually, Canada recognizes both French and English as it's national languages, mainly because this country was founded by France and England.

What language do people from Great Britain speak in Canada?

In Canada they would speak either English or French, depending on whom they're talking to.

What is the official language in Montreal canada?

It is french, but a lot of people speak english, especially in the busness world.

How many people speak french as a primary language?

100 million.. then probably around 200 million if you include non french native speakers

Is French spoken in Canada?

French and English are Canada's two official languages. Most people in Québec speak French. New Brunswick is officially bilingual. French is the predominant language in many parts of northern and eastern Ontario. French is also the first language of many people in Manitoba.

What countries in North America speaks french?

French is a commonly used language in Canada, but surely there are some people in other north American countries who can speak French.

What percent of people in Quebec speak French?

Canada's latest census stated that ~ 82% of people from Quebec refer to themselves as 'Francophones' - that is, French is their primary language. ^^ actually , most of all the population is french . you would rarely find English people (first language, unless in Montreal) . i know cause i live there , and im french .