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How many people survived the black death?

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Some people managed to survive due to a seemingly natural immunity to the bacillus that caused the disease. However, there were very few survivors, with entire villages often being wiped out as the plague swept through them.

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How many people survived after the black death?

75 million people survived i think xx

Did Black Death victims have any hope?

Many people who got the Black Death survived. Most did not, however, and it was pretty bad.

How many people died or survived the black death in Europe?

1 bilion people died from conner

How many people survived after being affected with the black death?

half of Europe was depopulated. Almost 75 to 200 million people died.

How many people caught the black death and survived?

fifty million but if you catch it you'll be dead cause you're a wimp

How many people survived black Saturday?

it's not known how many people survived black saturday, but it is known that about 173 people died and 414 were injured as a result of the fires.

How many people died from the black death?

i think around 25 million

How many people survived the Japanese tsunami?

The total population before the tsunami minus the projected death toll equals how many survived.

Why did they burn the people in the black death?

They believed many people to be witches. Hence "black" death.

How did people with the black death get better?

About a quarter to half of the people who got the Black Death recovered. They did this because their immune systems fought the disease off. There was no effective medicine at the time, but it was very important that the sick people be tended. Many of the victims might have survived if there had been someone tending them.

How many people did the black Death?

Approx 20 million people died from the black death.Twinz46

Why did the black death kill so many people starting in 1347?

in 1347 Black Death had reached most parts of Europe. Due to no knowledge about Black Death many people died.

How many people survived the sandakan death march?

6 survived the camp/march. Initially about half of the some-1000 prisoners transferred survived the march but did not survive the camp.

How many were killed by the black death?

1/3 of the people in Europe died from the black death

How many people death from the black death?

75-100 million.

Were there any survivors of the black death?

Yes there were many. But not a lot compared to how many people there were in Europe who died of the Black Death

How many people died in France During the black death?

25 million people in France has died during the black death.

How many people was infected by the black death?

Black Death killed 75 to 200 million people. 30-60% of the population.

How many people dies from the black death now?

None, The Black death hasbeen has been cured.

How many people died from Asia from the black death?

40%-45% died in Asia of the black death.

What was the importantance of the black death?

Black Death changed people and society. It brought many revolts along with it.

How many people died in the black death disease?

One third of the people in Europe died from the Black Death.

Who had survived in the black plague?

Mostly the Europeans but it was spread to the whole world so many,many people survied it.

How did the black death impact both people and their communities?

The Black Death scared people. Many lost their faith in God and churches. Many revolts took place.

What were the cures for black death?

When the black death was sweeping Europe, there was no cure. People sometimes recovered from it on their own, but many thousands of people died.