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== == I think around 700,000 each year.

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Q: How many people visit Wall Street in New York every year?
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How many people visit the Great Wall of China every year?

3650000 people visit the great wall of china evey year.

How many people visit the great wall of china every day?


How many people visit the great wall every year?

over 2 million a year

How many people visit the Great Wall of China per year?

about 1.2million people about 1,324,557 every year.

Why do people like to visit the great wall of china?

people visit the great wall because their are hiking routs and their is a great view.

Why do people visit Hadrian's wall?

because it is the oldest wall there is

How many people visit the great wall in one year?

four million people visit the great wall of china each year

How many people visit the great wall?

On average 10 million people visit the Great Wall of China each year. This amazing wall stretches over 8 provinces in China.

What film has this tagline Every dream has a price?

Wall Street (1987)

Why was the wall constructed on Wall Street in new york city?

well as you know now this constructed wall was on wall street in New York because every wall are mean to be there for the whole year as your life keeps on going on forever and ever until we die or when you are growned up like adults on main street we have helpers the walls are constructed in new york for more people to have more and more walls until forever.

What is the address of Wall Street NY?

Wall Street is a street, not a building, business or residence. It has no address. Rather, the buildings, businesses and residences that are located on Wall Street have addresses (121 Wall Street, 59 Wall Street, etc.).

How many people visit the vietnam wall?


Where do people visit in china?

The Great Wall Of China

How did people in new york get money?

From Wall Street.

Who owns Wall Street?

Wall Street is "owned" by the City of New York, borough of Manhattan, ultimately the people of NYC and the state of NY.

What time of year do Jews visit the western wall?

There is no specific time of year when Jews visit the Western Wall. Some people visit it daily to pray, others will never visit the site in their lifetime.

How many people visit Hadrian's wall today?


How much do people who work at wall street make?


Did Germany buy wall street stock market?

Yes. Most people think that no one really owns Wall Street, but Germany just bought it.

What effect on people's lives did the Wall Street crash have?

The Wall Street crash had an wide and far-reaching effect on people's lives. People had no money to spend, so businesses closed therefore factories closed and people lost jobs.

Why is it important to protect the great wall of china?

It is important because the people would be able to visit the wall

Why was wall street call wall street?

I'd imagine because it is a 'street' surrounded by 'walls'.

When did wall street begin?

Wall street began in the 1800's.

What is wall street famous for?

Wall Street was famous for the economics that blacks have

What did wall street represent?

Wall Street is the street where financial services and institutions are located. It is called Wall Street because a Wall was built early in NY history to hold back the river and provide land.