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How many people voted in the 2008 election?


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2012-11-10 01:42:46

299,398,484 total population

225,746,457 total population over 18 years

122,394,724 total number of US citizens that voted in 2008 election

= 54% of population voted.

Between 22 and 24 million Americans ages 18-29 voted, resulting in an estimated youth voter turnout of between 49.3 and 54.5 percent.

Sixty-six percent of young voters cast their ballot for Barack Obama, the largest-ever showing for a presidential candidate in this age group.

131,463,122 people voted for U. S. President and Vice President in 2008.


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131,257,238 votes were officially counted in the 2008 US presidential election. This does not count spoiled/blank ballots.

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