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i need to know how many people watch Sesame Street

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Q: How many people watch sesame street?
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How many viewers has watched sesame street?

Over 120 Million Viewers Worldwide Watch Sesame Street

Is the old sesame street version still on internet?

Many of the old sketches and other pieces from Sesame Street can be found on YouTube and there are many sites dedicated to Sesame Street.

Is sesame street a real street?

While there are many streets all over the United States and elsewhere with the name Sesame Street, no Sesame Street is filmed on a soundstage in a television studio.

How many years did Sesame Street run?

Sesame Street have been running since 1969 and production is still on going.

How many Emmy's has Sesame Street won?


How many Emmy Awards did sesame street?


How many sesame street monsters have tongues?

Not your jop

How many episodes are there in sesame street in 2012?


Was Sesame Street ever on Family Guy?

Sesame Street has been featured many times on Family Guy.See Provided Link.

Where can one view Sesame Street pictures?

One can view various Sesame Street pictures through many sources. Google Images has a variety of Sesame Street pictures, as well as IMDb, Huffington Post, and Star Pulse.

Where can a person go to find a variety of Sesame Street DVDs?

One can easily find Sesame Street DVD's at the Sesame Street Store online. One can also find many listed for sale on Amazon and eBay. Walmart and Target often have a selection of Sesame Street DVD's in their video selection as well.

How many Muppets are on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show?

See Provided Links

How many years has sesame street been on the air?

I has been on for 40 years.

How many episodes are there in Sesame Street?

As of season 41 in 2010, there are 4,256 episodes.

How many countries show sesame street on tv?

i think it is 120 or 140

How many different sesame street characters are there?

about 13 including Dorothy the fish

Is there a copyright for Sesame Street characters?

Yes; many of them are also registered as trademarks.

How many Sesame Street Abstract Counts are created?

Eight Sesame Street abstract counts are created. One of them was missing on Muppet Wiki's Sesame Street Number Segments article. The abstract counts that were created are 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 28.

Do grownups watch sesame street?

I wouldn't say it would be there first choice to watch ... but if they randomly saw the show on and many kids were watching it... some wouldn't mind... it might bring back some childhood memories.

How many people watch coronation street every day?

1o million an episode

How many episodes of sesame street have aired the past 40 years?

4,238 episodes.

I would like to host a sesame street party however i do not have the right supplies, can anyone suggest where online i can find sesame party street supplies.?

You can find Sesame Street party supplies online at many stores. First, you can try,,, and other party supply stores.

How many Sesame Street episodes are there?

As of September 02nd 2017, 4735 episodes with many more on the way.

What are some of the skills Big Bird from Sesame Street is known for?

There are many skills that Big Bird from Sesame Street is known for. Examples would include rapping, clue hunting, friendship, alphabet and hide and seek.

How many episodes are in a season of sesame street?

Approximately 103 (4256 episodes in 41 seasons) .