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There are various definitions of Holocaust survivor. On the most stringent definition, about 150,000 survived. This means Jews who were in real danger and/or in camps and/or in hiding and still alive on 8 May 1945.

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Q: How many people were alive at the end of the Holocaust?
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What freed the Jews?

The Jews still alive at the end of the Holocaust were freed by the Allies, but there were not many of them still alive in the areas that had been under Nazi control.

People who survived the Holocaust are they still alive today?

yes if you take today's date 2010 and subtract the date of the end of the Holocaust 1945 you get: 2010 - 1945 = 65 so the youngest survivor of the Holocaust will be 65 years old

When did the Holocaust start and where?

The holocaust originated in Germany where the deportation of the Jewish people were forced to leave in the heart of the holocaust. though there are many start and end variating dates, 1938 - 1945.

How many people were alive at the end of 911?

They were alive like aprox like 100 because many people died alot. If you think there were more people alive that means you are wrong okkk

How many people had been killed by the end of the holocaust?

By the end of the Holocaust after some investigations by various allied countries, it did came to a conclusion that between 11.5 Million of 13.5 Million People were killed during the Holocaust. 55% being Jews and about 20% were Soviet POW.

What proportion of the German Jews were still alive in Germany at the end of the Holocaust?

About 20,000 out of 500,000 +++ or about 4%.

How many people escaped the Holocaust?

Everyone still left alive at the end of WWII. ____ But the Holocaust and World War 2 are not the same thing! ____ It's too vague a question to be more specific than that. Are they asking how many Jews were left alive after the Germans were defeated? In the entire world? Because if we hadn't won WWII, they might have ruled everywhere. Also, they didn't just kill Jews. They killed all kinds of people, so you'd have to know how many of each of those groups were still alive in the world when the Germans were defeated. But maybe that's not what's being asked at all. It could be how many people from these groups were left alive in the countries that Germany had conquered before they were defeated. And if German rule continued for several generations, you'd have to count all the people who would have been born during that time and therefore also subject to dying in the holocaust. You can come up with a rough number of the people who did NOT survive the holocaust, but it's impossible to say who else would have died if the holocaust hadn't ended when it did- and therefore impossible to say how many people survived.

How many Jews were dead at the end of the holocaust?

seven million

What were attempts made to end the Holocaust?

The Allies made no specific attempt to end the Holocaust.

What fraction of Jews were killed in the Holocaust that were alive before the Holocaust began?

During this time of the twentieth century, about nine-million Jews were living Europe. When the Holocaust began, deportations of Jews began. In the end, approximately six-million of the nine-million Jews died at the hands of Nazis. In other words, two out of every three Jews were killed by the Nazis by the end of the Holocaust.

When did the Holocaust in Germany stop?

Just prior to the end of the war, many officers in work/death camps abandoned the populations, and locked them in. Many of the people inside were suffering from exposure, naked, starved, and unable to even process food. Their bodies were literally reduced to skeletons, many unable to walk. The look in their eyes can be described as beyond suffering. Many survivors still have the numbers on their arms, tattooed. For them, the holocaust, or Shoach, never ended, because the people who died still aren't alive, and many people of the world still want to see Jews exterminated.

What has been done to support the Holocaust denial?

America fought Germany for the end of the Holocaust, you can learn more if you research more about the Holocaust end and WW2.

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