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How many people were in the Korean War?


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20 people died


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there were 126 678 thousand people in the korean war

See website: "Korean War" for those statistics.

1,187,682-1,545,822 people died in the North Korean province

Approximately 588 men from the state of Louisiana died in the Korean War. See: "Korean War Educator: Korean War Memorials-Index of States", for more information.

No report anyone in the US starved during th Korean war.

390,000 people this is Americans not Korean's

many countries did not help with the Korean War.

There were Koreans to begin with for Korean War to begin. Without Koreans the war wouldn't happen right?

3 million soldiers and civilians.

During the Korean War, Chinese people were affected in that so called Volunteers from China were sent to help the North Koreans. The result was the deaths of many Chinese soldiers. The Korean War was just one part of the "Cold War".

See Korean War website. How many people died or were wounded during the war of 1770?

continued freedom for the South Korean people

42.4 thousand died in the Korean war

The troops were not sent in the Korean war

2,448,095 soldiers died in total in the Korean war.

Approximately 17,000 men were sent to the Korean War.

Many volunteered for the US military and served in the Korean War.

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