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Q: How many people were involved in the agricultural revolution?
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What is an agricultural revolution?

Agricultural revolution is when people began to domesticate plants and animals resulting in a reliable food supply. Many inventions were created during this time period, helping to invoke the industrial revolution.

How many people are employed in agricultural jobs in the US?

As of 2020, it is estimated that approximately 2.6 million people are employed in agricultural jobs in the United States. This includes farmers, farm workers, agricultural managers, and others involved in agricultural production.

Causes of the Agricultural Revolution?

The development of technology in farming equipment combined with the increase in available farmland and a favorable climate drove the British Agricultural Revolution. This was an important start because it was the beginning of many of the strategies used in today's agricultural world.

How did agricultural revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution?

It lead to the industrial revolution becasue when enclosure (when small strips of land were made into large pieces of land) took place and when there was new technology in the agricultural industry so they didnt need as many farmers as they had so many of those farmers and their families went to the city where all the factories were. the large supply of people lead to factories being successful and well therefore came the industrial.

What are three characteristics of the agricultural revolution?

There are many characteristics of the agricultural revolution, but three are listed below:New tools made it possible for more crops to be grown.Larger cities became a reality.Farmers learned to control water through wells and canals.

How many people work in the countryside?

The number of people working in the countryside can vary greatly depending on the size of the area and the type of agricultural activities taking place. It may include farmers, farm laborers, agricultural workers, and other professionals involved in rural industries.

Name some British people in the revolution?

The British had many people involved in the American Revolution. Their military leaders included Charles Cornwallis, William Howe, John Burgoyne, and Thomas Gage. Also to be noted is King George III.

What is Agriculture revolution?

Agricultural revolution is the transferring of old agricultural ways into new ones by means of technology advances as well as labor reforms.

What caused the America Revolution?

There were many causes of the American Revolution. The many taxes put on the people, the oppression of the people, and the murders of many people.

How many people are in the revolution?

there were over 300 people

How many people are involved in creating a bill?

Many people

Who was involved in inventing the internet?

There were many people involved with the internet.