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World War 2 involved many important people. By the very nature of this war many countries and their leaders, both of governments and armies, were involved.

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Q: What important people were in the world war 2?
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What were Mussolini's important promises to the Italian people in World War 2?


What are some important people during world war 2?


How many white people was in world war 1 and 2?

1. how is that important? 2. people of all races fought in the was a 'world war'. 3. in answer to your question, about 6 in total.

Why was the wireless important in World War 2?

to tell the people about the news and what was going on

Who were the 2 most important people in World War 1?

Hitler and ghandi

What were some important British people in World War 2?

Winston Churchill was an important person in world war 2. He lead Great Britain thru the war, by being the Prime minister...

Who were some important people involved in World War 2?

Hitler was definently one of them.

How were the World War 2 weapons important in World War 2?

the WW II weapons were important because if there were no weapons there would be less extreme fighting. Also less people would get wounded.

What as the most important invention that was in World War 2?

The most important invention in world war 2 was the atomic bomb.

Why did children and people think about World War 2?

They did, and still do, because it was an important event in history.

Why were people avoiding World War 2?

The people were avoiding world war 2 because,they were afraid.

Are there any important people or events in World War 2 that begin with letter W?

Winston Churchill