September 11 Attacks

How many people worked in the twin towers buildings?


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about 50,000 - 60,000 people worked at the twin towers

When the towers were full of employees, there were approx. 10,000 people in the two towers (combined).

On a typical weekday 50,000 people worked in the towers. Not this many died though

0 people lived in the twin towers because they were office buildings not apartments

23 million people worked in the twins tower

because Osmana bin laden knew that many people where their. They knew many people worked in the towers, they knew it was a big tourists attraction so they knew that it would kill many which it did.

There were 110 stories in each of the two World Trade Center buildings. The capacity for the buildings was up to 25,000.

While the Twin Towers could have held many thousand more, a limited number worked there. About 50,000 people have jobs there before 2001.

how many people got out of the towers on the 911? well about 50000 got out of it

Nine Buildings were damaged, with seven eight of the buildings being destroyed by rubble form The Towers, or by one of the airplanes.

what is the name of the large community with many buildings and people

Three buildings were destroyed in the bombings which the third building was the pentagon.

A plane went into each of the towers at different times in the morning many people were killed, many people got injured.

A lot more people would have survived. It was the total collapse of the buildings that killed so many people, even people working on floors not immediately affected by the plane crashes.

The number of lost from the Twin Towers is recorded as 2,977.

Timbaland has worked with many people, he has worked with Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtarto, Jay-Z, and many many more successful artists.

only 12 people were had been saved from the twin towers during the sep11, 2011 attack.

Atlanta is a large city with many buildings and many people. It has some big buildings.

How many people miss the twin tower

2996 people were killed btw its how many people were killed lol

3 buildings collapsed on 9/11. The twin towers and another, a few blocks away. i'm not sure what it was called, but it was also a part of the world trade centre

3. The Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center.

2,977 lives are reported lost when the Twin Towers collapsed.

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