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depends where they are grown and for what market, the time of year, the veriety ect. also dont you care what KIND of pesticides you find rather then how many?

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What is the difference between organic apples and non-organic apples?

Organic apples are grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. Non organic apples are grown with those harmful chemicals.

Is apple an organic food?

Apples may be organic or inorganic, depending on how they are grown. If they are grown without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, they are organic.

What is the difference between organic apples and un-organic apples?

Organic apples aren't sprayed with pesticides/ herbicides, grown using chemical fertilizers in the soil, and are non-GMO (non genetically modified)

Apples are grown in?

Apples are grown on trees in orchards.

What is conventional farming?

Conventionally grown is an agriculture term referring to a method of growing edible plants (such as fruit and vegetables) and other products. It is opposite to organic growing methods which attempt to produce without synthetic chemicals (fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones) or genetically modified organisms. Conventionally grown products, meanwhile, often use fertilisers and pesticides which allow for higher yield, out of season growth, greater resistance, greater longevity and a generally greater mass.

Where on the Eastcoast are apples grown?

Apples are grown on the Delmarva Peninsula.

What kind of food do you prefer organic or conventionally produced?

Preferences vary, and some don't care if foods are organic or conventionally produced. My preference is organic because true organically grown foods are produced without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, do not contain GMOs, and do not contain harmful additives and preservatives.

Where is flour grown?

It is conventionally grown in main land Pakistan also it can be grown in Southern Afghanistan near the Coast.

Where are most the apples grown?

Apples are grown in America,England,Ireland!!

Where are custard apples grown?

custard apples are grown in the west midlands

Foods grown without pesticides are called?

I do not think there is a name for food grown without pesticide. There is a name for foods grown with pesticides (normally infers chemical pesticide) and there is also a name for foods grown with organic pesticides. But these are two completely different animals.

Is it cheaper to buy organic than intensive?

It is impossible to say without knowing what is meant by intensive. If intensive refers to foods grown conventionally using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and possibly genetic engineering technology, then foods grown organically are probably more expensive.

Which conventionally grown vegetable tends to be HIGHEST in pesticide residue?


What pesticides are put on California strawberry seeds?

Strawberries are grown from plant runners, they are not grown from seeds. There are no pesticides put on strawberry seeds to grow strawberries.

Where are apples grown?

They can be grown anywere but mostly in an orchard

Are green apples bigger than red apples?

it depends on how they are grown. if they are grown poorly, they will grow small. if they are grown GREAT, they will grow large

How are apples made in a factory?

They are grown on trees only! Factories purchase apples from Apple orchards and make apple products from the tree grown apples.

What season do apples grow in Karachi?

Apples are not grown in Karachi. In Pakistan apples are grown in Baluchistan, interior sindh, northern areas of Pakistan and in Kashmir.

Why should you eat organic food?

it is beause it is better for you, like for example organic apples are not grown with pesticides and chemicals to make them grow bigger and sometimes these chemicals can make people sick.

What fruits are grown in Egypt?

dates, apples, and figs.apples

How many different kinds of apples are there?

There are over 7500 apples grown worldwide. In the USA, more than 2500 of these apples are grown. Apples vary in colors from Red, Yellow, and Green.

Where do the apples come from before it goes to the market?

Apples usually come from farms, where they are grown and harvested. Many apples are grown in Washington State, which has good farm land for growing apples.

Where apples are grown?

On trees.

How is an apple grown?

Apples are mostly grown on trees and usually grown by seeds

Where are apples grown in North America?

Apples can be grown nearly anywhere in the US. Mexico does not have very many, and much of Canada is too cold. The bulk of the US supply of apples is grown in the state of Washington.

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