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Q: How many pesticides are sprayed on crops a year?
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What is the cost of spaying pesticides on crops?

The cost of spraying pesticides on crops is high. Between the effects on health, pollution, animal and crop losses, and the costs of the pesticides themselves the costs of pesticides in the United States alone each year is over $10 billion.

How many crops can be cultivated in a year?

more then 500000 crops in a year

How many pesticides are applied to conventionally grown apples?

depends where they are grown and for what market, the time of year, the veriety ect. also dont you care what KIND of pesticides you find rather then how many?

Can you repair a vegetable garden that has been sprayed with Weed and Feed?

No, a vegetable garden that has been sprayed with Weed & Feed cannot be repaired if the crops are annuals even though yes, it can be repaired if the crops are perennials. An 18 to 24-inch (45.72 to 60.96-centimeter) barrier must be respected between areas that are sprayed with the herbicide in question and the root zone of annual and perennial edibles and ornamentals. Annuals must be dug up and destroyed while perennials will require a year wait before harvest.

How many crops could a farmer grow per year in the 1800s?

1 set of crops

How many pesticides does American agriculture use?

American agriculture uses nearly 10lb (4.5 kg) of pesticides per person on the food supply each year

How many crops are grown in Montana every year?

Believe it or not, about 6 million, eight hundred crops are grown in Montana every year.

Can you use pesticides any time of the year?


How many crops did the egyptians grow in a year?

they were able to grow two or three crops per year because of the fertile land the nile has provided

How many crops did the ancient Egyptians plant in a year?

Ancient Egypt spans more then three thousand years; which year?

What is the farming techniques?

There are many different farming techniques. Most farmers rotate their crops from year to year so the nutrients in the soil do not get depleted. Some farmers also plant two or more crops together.

What are the disadvantages of using pesticides?

Pesticides are of various chemical nature which on being applied to plants nuture them by warding of pests. Pesticides, when applied to plants, on excess irrigation, they percolate down the soil thus polluting the depleting reservoire of groundwater. Pesticides are composed of various chemicals like cadmium, mercury which enter the human body via the food chain which has its dependence on groundwater. Chemicals like cadmium cause death on consumption. Pesticides not only harm the insects and pests but also the local fauna like snakes and earthworms which are natural pesticides and decomposers. Snakes kill the rats living in the farm.