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200 animals get abused a day. 73,000 animals get abused a year.

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How many pets die everyday from being abused?

2 million a day

How many house pets are abused each year?

Sadly, many house pets are abused each year but most aren't really reported or noticed so there is no absolute amount of how many house pets are abused each year.

How many pets are abused each year?

too many!

How many pets get abused each year?


Why do pets get abuse?

Because there owners are sick jerks. Abused* Why do pets get abused? Sorry for the constructive criticism.^^

How many dogs are abused everyday?

Trust me when I say. Way, way too many.

How many unidentified pets are killed everyday?


How many pets die everyday?

Over 9000...

How many children get abused by their parents everyday?

Max 100 times a day

How many animals aren't abused everyday?

there is a very low posobility that there is not very much animals abused everyday because there is so many abusers and people who have a bad heart that think its o.k to hurt and even kill animals.

How are pet being abused?

they are getting abused by their owners everyday by being beated by belts and not feed or watered or even brushed,, hair gets matted and they can not walk correctly, people need to stop the abuse and love your pets

How many pets get abused a day?

2 million die every day from abuse

How many kids get sexualy abused?

billions everyday and only a small portion of those get reported. If you see a kid getting sexually abused report it.

How many animals die each day because of animal abuse?

Everyday about 100 animals are abused everyday, and half of them are killed each day.

How many women are victims of domestic abused everyday?

two-thirds...& it's increasing day by day

Where are most pets abused?

Michael Vick's House

Do rabbits get abused?

yes, they do! I volunteer at a small animal rescue, and we always get in abused rabbits and small pets like that. it is truly a shame that animals have to get abused!

Was otep shamaya abused?

Yes! Otep Shamaya was sexually abused pretty much everyday as a child by her father.

How many pets die every day?

AT least 2 million pets die everyday and every second to : ( and that's the sad part

How many pets get abused every year in the us?

25-50 million animals every year! Isn't it pitiful?

Do boys get abused more than girls?

no actually they don't but they do get abused girls get abused everyday of every second im not saying boys don't either cause they do but not from there girlfriends or wifes but maybe a friend or a parent if you see a woman they get abused from friends parents siblings husband or wifes and boys get abused maybe a friend or a parent but do you ever see a man getting abused by a woman no as you could see we girls get abused everyday when some men dont even get abused and if its not physical its mentally if you ask me i think girls get more abused then boy!!!!

What type of animal is abused the most wild or pets?

domestic animals

How pets can be rescued?

They can get the help and TLC they need after being abused or neglected. ^_^

What animal is the least common abused?

Among farm animals or pets?

When pets are abused what kind of abuse do the owners do to them?

err... we dont really know

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