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Q: How many pharmaceutical companies are there in the Canada?
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How much money is spent on pharmaceutical marketing in Canada?

There is much controversy in pharmaceutical companies and their marketing. Many spend more on advertising than they do dollars for research. In 2004, pharmaceutical companies invested over $1.7 billion in advertising in Canada alone.

How many pharmaceutical companies are in Afghanistan?


What are top thirty pharmaceutical companies in Brazil?

what are the top pharmaceutical companies in brazil

Top 20 pharmaceutical companies in India?

There are more than 20 pharmaceutical companies in India. Some of the pharmaceutical companies are Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bayer, Otsuka, and Pfizer.

Do Insurance Companies own Pharmaceutical Companies?

I don't know if they own pharmaceutical companies but it should be a conflict of interest and a crime if they do.

What pharmaceutical companies offer the best prices?

Many people understand that medication is becoming more and more expensive. Fortunately for them there are still several pharmaceutical companies that provide low prices. Two of these companies include AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline.

How many Pharmaceutical industries were present in India?

There are approx 30,000 pharmaceutical and bioproducts companies in India including the MNC`s working in India.

How many mining companies are there in Canada?

There are hundreds of mining companies in Canada.

How many pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan?

30 multinational and 334 national/local

How many food companies in Canada?

i think there are 45 food companies in Canada ;)

What reason to increase pharmaceutical company in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry stands at a whopping $3.2 billion and as time passes, this worth is only expected to grow. By population, Pakistan is the 6th largest country in the world and it’s only fair to have a pharmaceutical demand. Therefore many companies, local and international, found their interests here, and hence, increased demand leads to increased supply. This is the reason that you see so many pharmaceutical companies here.

Where can one find reviews for pharmaceutical companies?

One can find reviews of pharmaceutical companies from various sources. These sources include review panels online, health care magazines or websites that specifically endorse and moderate pharmaceutical companies and their products.

How do pharmaceutical companies make money?

When pharmaceutical companies develop a new drug that markets well, they make money from selling said drug.

What are the pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland?

There are about 116 pharma companies in switzerland Link:

How many copper mining companies are there in Canada?

well there are 99 copper mining companies in Canada.

What are the list of Top 100 pharmaceutical companies in world?

A list of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in the world is published every year. This can be found online.

How many pharmaceutical companies are there in the US?

824,180 company profiles for Healthcare Companiesin the United States

Who makes pharmaceutical drugs?

Pharmaceutical drugs are made by several different pharmaceutical companies. (E.g. Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson)

Which companies provide reliable personal home loans in Canada?

Many companies provide reliable personal home loans in Canada. One can get them from companies such as 'TD Canada Trust', 'HLC', 'Capital Direct' and 'Service Canada'.

How many veterinary pharmaceutical companies are there in the US?

There are about a half dozen major companies; these include Merck, Pfizer, Eli-Lilly and Fort Dodge. There are probably more regional or specialized companies as well.

What companies offer home insurance in Canada?

Many different home insurance companies offer home insurance in Canada, such as Allstate, Manulife, and many other companies which provide insurance for homes.

Where are the pharmaceutical companies located in India?

More pharmaceutical industries located in Hyderabad-Andra Pradesh State .

Do pharmaceutical companies keep records of who has received their vaccines?

Pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical wholesalers must keep records of who they sold or shipped their vaccines to. After that it is up to the individual end-users, in compliance with applicable laws, to keep records (or not) of to whom they administer the vaccine.

What are the top pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia?


Who makes antibiotics?

Pharmaceutical companies make them.