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How many photos can 32gb hold?


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About 4000 for a camera

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it depends how many apps and other stuff u have. if your only storing photos it would be a few thousand

how many apps can 32gb i pad hold.

7,000 songs, 10,000 photos, or 40 hours of video.

They are a bit different because the 64GB can hold more photos and applications. And also 32GB is cheaper.

The amount of songs that a 32GB drive can hold depends on the size of the average file. However, if the songs are of average size, 32GB can hold about 3,500 songs.

It will depend on the size of the photos and what else is on the iPad. Assuming that no apps, music or videos are being stored on the iPad and that the pictures are using JPEG compression then the iPad could hold over 100,000 pictures.

Assuming a standard JPEG format, a 32GB card can store approx. 6539 14MP photos.

That will depend on the amount of other content on the iPad (apps, songs, etc.) and the resolution and compression of the photos. There is no fixed number.

It varies on the quality of the photo. On 4 MP you can take around 22,888 photos. The higher the quality the less space you will have.

A memory of 32 gb can hold up to 8,000 songs or a total of 32,000 photos. This will vary depending on the exact size of the content in the memory.

Apple says they can hold 7000 songs.

Around 8,000 average length songs will fit on a 32GB flash drive.

It can hold as much photos as your mom weighs. Hah

Depends on how long the movies are.

Depends on the length of the song.

It depends on the length of the films.

It depends on the file size of the book.

Depends on the amount of megapixels, if 4MP then then 22888. If 22MP then 4161, photos compressed. If uncompressed 4MP is 2288 and 22MP is 416. Then there is all the MP's in between

= How many photos can 19 MB hold at 12 megapixels? =

We will just say that most photos will take up 4 MB. The iPad has around 28 gigs of space because of the pre installed apple stuff. So maybe 14,000 if you didn't use it for nothing else.

it can hold 1000it can hold 1000

If the average amount of megabytes for an app is about 30, then it could hold 1092.

One gigabyte will hold about 250, 4-minute songs. A 32GB iPod only has about 28GB of storage available. So a 32GB iPod will hold about 7,000 songs.

It depends on the size of the photos

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