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USB flash drive,Hard disk drive

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Q: How does a flash drive retain memory?
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What is another name for flash memory drive?

flash memory drive

What is a flash stick?

A "flash stick" is another word for a USB flash drive. The term "flash" is used because it consists of flash memory data storage. Flash memory is is a non-volatile computer storage (computer memory that can retain the stored information even when not powered) that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed.

Which is not a type of memory card SD MMC memory stick flash drive?

Flash drive

How does flash memory work?

Flash memory works by storing information on a flash drive. This can be done by connecting the flash drive to your computer or laptop, and then transferring the information over to the drive.

Whats the statement about a USB flash memory drive?

A USB flash memory drive is a removable hardware device

Three components of router that retain memory when power is not present?

NVRAM, ROM, and flash memory

What is a flash memory storage device?

Usb flash drive.

What does a 2GB Flash Drive do?

memory saving

Why you call USB as flash drive?

They are called this because the memory inside it is known as Flash Memory or a Flash Chip. Why is flash memory called this? Because it is so fast - as in flash of light.

Why do you call usb a flash drive?

They are called this because the memory inside it is known as Flash Memory or a Flash Chip. Why is flash memory called this? Because it is so fast - as in flash of light.

Why USB is called flash drive?

USB is not a flash drive. A flash drive is so called because it uses flash memory that retains data with no power.

What is the difference between dragging a file from the c drive to your flash drive and dragging it from the c drive to the desktop?

Dragging it to the flash memory usually means copying it to a memory which is slower and can be portable.The desktop memory however is faster than flash memory but sadly not portable.

What is usb flash memory typically known as?

a flash drive or pen drive, or possibly a USB key

What are example of memory?

01. Flash Drive 02. Pen Drive

What has a good memory and can read but not write?

flash drive

What is a unit of memory on a flash drive called?


What causes the flash drive to be memory full when connected to a MAC notebook?

The flash drive or stick has reached its capacity. Depends what you are storing and how big your flash drive is.

What is the maximum memory a USB flash drive can give?

Technically speaking there is no set limit, as technology grows - so will the size of a USB Flash drive. ------------ To my knowledge the most memory you can have on a USB flash drive is 256 GB.

Where you can download a flash drive?

A Flash drive is a small memory storage device that you plug into your computer. It is not something that can be downloaded.

Is a flash drive read only or read write?

You can write to a flash drive and read data from the flash drive. It acts the same as a miniature hard drive, just like the one on your computer. It uses flash memory, hence the name flash drive.

How low and high can you get memory for a flash drive?

5$ to 100$ depend on their memory size

Which type of memory is used in pen drive?

PenDrive USB-Stick is a flash memory

What company marketed the first commercial flash drive?

intel. Flash memory was developed by Toshiba and then intel developed a flash drive from Toshiba's invention.

Can data be copied from a flash drive to RAM memory?


Can you use a flash drive to transfer memory from your xbox360 to your computer?