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How many photos can 32gb ipod touch hold?


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it depends how many apps and other stuff u have. if your only storing photos it would be a few thousand

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Yes, you can transfer photos from a Windows computer to an iPod Touch.

7,000 songs, 10,000 photos, or 40 hours of video.

It varies depending on what else you put on your iPod touch.

Apple says they can hold 7000 songs.

A 32GB iPod touch cost $299.00 on the US Apple Store.

32gb of info. or 7,000 songs or up to 40 hours of continuous video

The 32 GB apple ipod touch holds 7000 songs and 40 hrs of videos and it a really good ipod

i have 2 ipod touch 4g (8gb/32gb)

If you are wondering what is the song or game capacity that a 32gb IPod touch can hold because you want to give it to your son on his birthday, then it holds up to 2000 songs or 30 games.

Currently the Ipod Touch comes in 3 different sizes. The cheapest can hold 8GB, next is 16GB, and the largest is 32GB.

The iPod touch 32gb is one of the latest in the iPod range. If you are a fan of the whole Apple and iPod range then there are some varieties to choose from, including an iPod touch 64gb.

If the average amount of megabytes for an app is about 30, then it could hold 1092.

A 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation costs *$268.54.*Prices according to the Walmart website.

160GB is how much the classic can hold, the touch can hold up to 32GB, the Nano can hold 16GB, and the shuffle can hold 4GB

The iPod Touch has an 8GB, 32GB or 64GB flash drive.

No, the iPod Touch cannot be used to download mods for the xbox 360. The iPod Touch was not made to hold mods of anything. The iPod Touch can only hold what it was made to hold - apps, songs, videos, and photos.

32gb is the storage capacity of the iPod Touch, which is 32 gigabytes (gb).

If you are getting an ipod touch to do games and stuff, the 32GB is better, But, if you are getting it because of music, 8GB is better.

A 32gb ipod touch is 700ptz if anyone needs an invite e-mail mini-chizz@hotmail.com

There are 8GB 32GB and 64GB iPod touches :)

One gigabyte will hold about 250, 4-minute songs. A 32GB iPod only has about 28GB of storage available. So a 32GB iPod will hold about 7,000 songs.

A 32 GB iPod touch can hold around 4,000 to 5,000 songs depending on the length. It is equivalent to around 12,000 to 15,000 minutes of play time.

The 16GB iPod Touch holds 3,500 songs or 20 hours of video and the 32GB iPod Touch holds 7,000 songs or 40 hours of video.

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