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How many photos will a GB hold?


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It depends completely on the quality of the photo.

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it can hold 2000 songs, 8hours of video, or 7000 photos

It depends on the type you get. Like a 8gb can hold up to 10 thousand photos but with not much apps or videos or anything else but 16 gb is just doubleing the 8 gb so 36 gb is double again and finally so on with the64 gb aswell

It can hold about 245,000 photos taken from the onboard camera if no other apps, music, videos or books are loaded on to it.

The number of high resolution photos a flash drive can hold depends on two things:The size of a high resolution photo - these can vary depending on camera and settingThe size of the flash drive, which can range from 1 GB to 32 GB or more

The 64 gigabyte 4s takes 8 megapixel photos. They average around 5 megabytes in size. This amounts to a capacity in the ball park of about ten-thousand photos.

A 10-megapixel camera however will be able to store approximately 650 pictures on a 2 GB memory card.

A gigabyte (GB) is a greater unit of measure than a megabyte (MB). Therefore, a megabyte cannot hold any gigabytes at all. However, a gigabyte can hold many megabytes (1024 MB to be exact).

Most rewritable discs can hold about 4 gigabytes of media.

30,000 songs, 150 hours of video, or 25,000 photos.

It depends on the hard drive. A computer can hold as many gigabytes as its hard drive can handle.

That depends on the size and quality of the images. If your photos are 10MB each, you can store a bit over 32,000 photos on a 320 GB drive.

you can get a 16gb 32 gb or 64 gb flash drive

It can hold as much photos as your mom weighs. Hah

Depends on how much GB you have ..

= How many photos can 19 MB hold at 12 megapixels? =

I'm no expert, but I think it's somewhere between 1 and 5,000,000. Hope it helps

By Simply Converting GB Into KB One Can Determine Approximately How Many 25 Pixel Photos a 4GB USB Will Hold. the USB Should Hold About 16772 Photos. Howver Depending on the Quality of Each Photo This Could Vary.

it can hold 1000it can hold 1000

USB drives can hold many gigabytes of storage depending on what brand that you buy. Check the packaging and it will tell you how much it can hold for data storage.

How many objects can fit in a sack? Obviously it depends on the size of the objects. Dive 250GB by the size of the picture and you get how many photos it can hold. 1GB = 1000MB 1MG = 1000kB If a picture has a size of 2MB then you divide 250000 by 2 and you get 125000 pictures. If it has 500kB then you divide 250000 by 0.5 and you get 500000 pictures.

1 GB is relatively small for today's standards, although many 1 GB flash drives exist. It depends on the size of the photo, which in turn depends on the resolution and the encoding. GIF and JPEG formats are compressed formats. A good size to "share" with e-mail, web photos, and etc. is less than 100 KB, with resolutions between 500x500 and 1000x1000. Some newer cameras are able to produce photos in excess of 2MB. While the large photos are cumbersome for handling, they are better for cropping and editing, and produce better prints. So.... At 100K, a 1GB drive or flash card could hold about 10,000 photos. At 2MB, a 1GB drive or flash card could hold about 500 photos.

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