How many pictures can a 4gb card hold at 21 mega pixels in RAW format?


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It would hold about 65 photos.

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It really depends on how many megapixels you camera has. the more pixels, the less pictures.

That seems to depend dramatically on the complexity of the pictures. The"busier" the shots the larger the files will be.

Compressed 2861 pictures of 4.8 MB of 16 Mega pixels can be stored in 16 GB. Uncompressed 286 pictures of 48 MB of 16 Mega pixels can be stored in 16 GB. I hope i have helped you. Have a nice day.

Assuming the images were in jpg format at 80 % quality (the default), a low estimate would be around 800, and a high estimate would be over 2000, depending on the image's colours.

can someone help me with math about how can i culculate that in 5gb memory card how many photoscan i save ? Tnx

It depends on how many mega pixels are on your camera.

A rough and tumble answer is that a 2GB SD card can hold about 400 pictures if it is completely empty to start with. There are however, many variables such as pixel size, file format, and compression size that would complicate the answer.

In uncompressed raw format, a 16-megapixel image will take 64 MB (4 bytes per pixel, including the alpha channel), at which rate an 8 GB card will hold about 120 images. However, if your camera stores the images in JPEG or some other compressed format, the card will hold far more images.

MP = Mega Pixels 3 MP = 4000 5 MP = 3000 8 MP = 2000 10 MP = 1500 12 MP = 1000 The more mega pixels there are, the less amount of photos it can hold.

This will change depending on the quality setting and how good your camera is at compressing JPEG, but on average a 10MP photo is ~5MP on Fine Setting, so around 1500 pictures on a 4GB card.

The amount of pictures that any memory card can hold depends on the settings of the camera that it is in. In general a 14.8 MB memory card may hold 120 pictures.

Depends on the size of the card, but a 1 gigabyte card can hold roughing 1000 pictures in good quality.

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It depends on the format. In JPEG, it's around 18.

Assuming a standard JPEG format, a 32GB card can store approx. 6539 14MP photos.

A lot ! As an example - My Fujifilm Finepix S2750 cam - at 12 Megapixels, will take 680 shots at max resolution to fill a 2GB card !

How many pictures a memory card can hold depends on display settings and the camera brand. Most cameras will hold 800-850 pictures on a 2GB memory card.

How many pictures can a 2 gb memory card hold at 3.2 megapixels?

depends on the picture size depends on the quality of the image usially 300 images per gig on highest quality

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