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Q: How many pieces are on a Neil Peart drum set?
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Is neil peart the best drummer in the world?

He is in many people's opinions.

What is the largest drum set you can get?

The biggest packaged drum sets would have eight or nine drums, depending on how many floor toms you get. Seriously huge rigs like Neil Peart or Nicko McBrain have are custom ordered, and when you custom-order a drum set it can be as big as you like.

Who is neil peart?

Neil is the drummer for Canadian rock band Rush. Many fans believe he is the greatest drummer of this generation.

What is Neil Peart education?

Although his nickname is "the professor," Neil Peart did not attend college. After attending high school, he focused on pursuing his dream of a career in rock music. Many fans believe he is the best drummer in music today.

What is Neil Peart famous for?

Neil is the drummer for the Canadian rock band Rush, and many rock fans believe he is the best drummer in music today.

How many parts do drum sets have?

they have 9 pieces

How many drums does Neil Peart's drum set have?

Neil Peart's large kit has 42 drums.

How many pieces does the drummer will hunt have on his drum set?


How many drummers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

three. one to screw in the bulb and two to talk about how much better neil peart could have done it.

How many pieces can there be in a drum kit?

it depends if its a....... large drum kit medium drum kit or a.... small drum kit a small has 3 drums a meduim has 4 drums or a lage drum kit has about 7 drums or a coc has 0 drums

How many pieces are there in a drum kit?

in a standad drum kit there are 3 toms 1 high 1 medium and 1 low. 1 snare , 1 bass drum and 3 cymbals

How many pieces are in a full drum set?

A basic drum setup is: One Snare Three tom-toms One bass drum A Ride cymbal Two crash cymbals and a pair of hi-hat cymbals

Who are the great performers of the drum kit?

Depending on musical taste, Buddy Rich was the king of the big band/swing and many modern day drummers hold him in high esteem. In rock drummers the likes of Carl Palmer (ELP), Ian Paice (deep purple) Neil Peart (rush). There are many drummers who are worthy of mention so forgive me if i didn't mention any-ones particular favorite.

How many songs has Band Rush released?

The band Rush (Alex Lifeson, Geddy lee, Neil Peart) have released 178 songs in their career, also some early songs with John Rutsey on drums.

Who is the best drummer that plays for a band?

This is an opinion question. My opinion is Ian Paice (Deep Purple) or Cozy Powell (Rainbow, ELP, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake...). Many people would say Neil Peart (Rush)

What is a Ludwig vista lite drum set worth?

depends on condition color cracks scratches how many pieces etc ...

Why are ayn rand and rush linked?

They are linked because Neil Peart was at one time inspired by Ayn Rand's books and he agreed with her philosophy. Many of Rush's songs from that period of time in the mid-1970s to mid-1980s had a Randian influence. However, as Neil has pointed out many times, he long ago moved away from Ayn Rand's philosophy and his writing over the years has had many other influences.

How many drums are in a 5 PC drumset?

5 drums. You don't count cymbals as pieces. A 5 piece drum set has 5 drums.

How many pieces does the drummer of Evanescence have on his drum set?

Evanescence drummer, Rocky Gray has 7 Drums and 9 cymbals (including the hi-hats) in his kit.

How many liters is a drum?

A 55-gallon drum is 208.2 liters.

How many pages does The Ghost Drum have?

The Ghost Drum has 167 pages.

How many pages does The Walking Drum have?

The Walking Drum has 468 pages.

How many pages does The Tin Drum have?

The Tin Drum has 736 pages.

How many pounds of oats in a 55 gallon drum?

how many pounds of oats are in a 55 gallon drum

When was The Many Sides of Neil Sedaka created?

The Many Sides of Neil Sedaka was created in 1978.