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Answer: He composed 1,300 by the end of his life. He wrote 400 original pieces and 900 arrangements of other composers' pieces.


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Franz Liszt was known for his music.

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Franz Liszt composed mainly in Poland and in France

Liszt was born in the Romantic era.

one of his famous songs that he composed was the SURPRISE SYMPHONY

He composed symphathtic poems and classical piano music.

Franz Liszt, born on October 22, 1811, was a Hungarian conductor, painter, composer, and teacher. One of the most popular music works from Franz is titled "Annees de Pelerinage".

giovonni palestrina composed 25 pieces of music

I would say the second Hungarian rhapsody.

Liszt began playing when he was 6 years of age, his father was his tutor, within a year young Franz knew how to read and write music. At the age of nine he gave his first concerto.

Liszt became a concert pianist and performed in various European cities while a teenager. He also taught at various schools, including the musical academy of Budapest. Liszt also composed music for a living.

Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (a majority say this is the hardest piece.) Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 3rd Mvt Chopin's etudes Flight of the Bumblebee Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No.1 and No.2 Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit Rachmaninoff's third piano concerto Sorabji's Opus Clavicembalisticum Feux Follets by Franz Liszt Grand Galop Chromatique by Franz Liszt Waldstein Sonata by Beethoven Bach's French/English swite (hardest pieces in the Baroque era.) Godowsky's arrangement of Chopin's 'Aeolian Harp' Chopin's Sonata's

Liszt wrote more music for piano than any other instrument, however, he wrote a number of songs (for voice and piano), and syphonic pieces - his symphonic poems, for example - which were scored for full orchestra. I don't think he wrote chamber music for other instruments - string quartet, piano trio, etc.

well he did compose many differents bits and pieces but the most famous is the red rose (1922)

It is popularly believed that he composed the melody of 'Greensleeves.'

He lived during the end of the Classical era, through the Romantic era, and at the beginning of the Impressionist/Modernist era.

Example sentences using "compose": When I took piano lessons, my teacher would have me compose music in addition to playing pieces. At the trial, there was a short recess to allow the witness to compose herself.

Franz Liszt is associated with the piano, both as a composer and a performer. Toward the end of his life he also composed organ music.

He wrote some 600 lieder, nine symphonies (including the famous "Unfinished Symphony"), liturgical music, operas, and a large body of chamber and solo piano music. He is particularly noted for his original melodic and harmonic writing.

Franz Liszt taught piano to relatively large classes. If he didn't like the way a student was playing he would interrupt and replace them with another student and also if the student chose a piece of music that he did not personally like he would refuse to listen to the student.

A. G. Crosskey has written: 'Harmony and tonality in the music of Franz Liszt with particular reference to the sonata in B minor'

his music was really good., first he outclassed the great beethoven in virtuosity and speed at a young age. second he composing resembles that of mozart and contribution to music

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